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Stay Warm, Pee Free: Sitka Fanatic Base Layers for Women

Photo credit: Austin Thomas for Sitka Gear
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Nature calls for all of us. Sitka’s latest base layer system for women attempts to make number one easier for ladies on the hunt.

Imagine the scene: You’re high up in a tree, looking down on a deer trail. It’s early morning late in the season (read: cold AF). You drank your hot morning coffee, scalding your mouth slightly because insulated thermoses are too good at their job.

Now, you have to pee. Bad. And, because you’re a woman, that means you typically require a squatting position to urinate.

In this case, that stream needs to hit the ground — and fast. You have one option: pull off your bibs and base layers, freeze your ass off, and let ‘er rip.

Or, if you have Sitka’s latest Fanatic base layer setup, you have a different option. Grab your Tinkle Bell, unzip your get-up, and keep about 98% warmer than you usually would.

Sitka Fanatic Women’s Base Layers: Easier to Pee in the Outdoors


Really, the free-to-pee system for gals is not that different from men’s clothes, if at all. There’s a generous yet streamlined flap for easy access.

The base layers have three options, including the Fanatic Boy Short ($35), the Fanatic Core Lightweight Bottom ($99), and the Fanatic Core Heavyweight Bottom ($99). Each of these integrates with either zippered pants like the Timberline ($249) or the newly redesigned Fanatic Bibs ($449).

Sitka really does go all-in on creating women’s lines with women in mind, and this is no exception to the rule. I’ve tested various pieces along with the entirety of their women’s Waterfowl line, and let me tell you, they rarely disappoint. This is definitely a bit of a wacky turn, but I’m not discounting it.

Sitka Fanatic Base Layers: First Impressions


It’s an interesting way to solve a long-standing — or, shall we say, a long-squatting — problem. I, for one, wince at the idea of carrying around a plastic peeing device in my pack, next to snacks, or my Garmin — or, you know, meat being carried to the truck.

Some of this is me being overdramatic, I know. When I received the base layers in a surprise package earlier this year, it took a second to figure out what was going on.

In hand, they felt great. The warmer base layer is sweatpants-cozy, great for when the weather cools down. It’s a favorite material of mine. You can catch me in my regular Sitka Heavyweight Bottoms combined with my favorite Fanatic Hoody while I work remotely from my drafty home.

These are slightly less wearable in the sense that if company came over on a whim, you’d have some explaining to do. They’re purpose-driven items, not meant to be worn to the grocery store or while on a run.

But I have five big-game tags this season, from an archery-only whitetail buck tag to two elk tags and beyond. And where there’s a hunt, there’s an opportunity to try something new, however squeamish it might make me. I’ll be back with an update on the soon-to-be-released Fanatic base layer system later this fall.

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