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Hate Flying? Travel Jacket Has 25 Hidden Features for Comfort

baubax 20 travel jacket
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Inflate a pillow, unfurl a blanket, blow up a foot rest, and flip down an eye mask –  the BauBax 2.0 Jacket packs loads of built-in extras to ease the hassles of travel.

baubax 20 travel jacket

If James Bond and Inspector Gadget made a coat, this would be it. Seattle-based BauBax blasted onto the apparel scene in 2015 when it raised more than $9 million on Kickstarter. Its travel-focused jackets housed 15 unheard-of extras aimed at simplifying travel.

baubax 2.0 zipper pen

Today, the brand launched BauBax 2.0. Like its predecessor from three years ago, the new piece sports an inflatable neck pillow, built-in gloves, drink koozie pocket, and retractable pen. But the brand went a step (or 10) further to pack in more features and offer new styles.

BauBax 2.0 Travel Jacket

The bulk of BauBax 2.0’s features target the headaches of air travel. One pocket houses noise-cancelling ear plugs (included), and another has earphone ports for your tunes.

The trademark two-breath inflatable neck pillow deploys from the collar, just like the original. But feet receive a pillow of their own in the 2.0 with an inflatable footrest. And a stowaway travel blanket helps fend of the meat-cooler conditions most airplane cabins provide.

baubax 2.0 inflatable foot rest

Like the old jacket, there’s an insulated drink koozie chest pocket, but now there’s also a foldable water bottle to go along with it. And while there are still dedicated pockets for both a phone and a tablet, designers added a wireless headphone pocket and wired straps to plug into Apple AirPods.

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And since there’s no point stopping at 10 when you could just take it to 11, there’s also a whistle, bottle opener, and retractable keychain, each with their own stash compartment. In case you’re a more visual learner, here are the BauBax 2.0 features in full:

baubax 2.0 travel jacket

BauBax 2.0 Styles

As part of the “tons of constructive feedback” the brand said it received following its launch, BauBax 2.0 adds a new style to its lineup.

Gone is the 1.0 hooded “travel blazer.” Because let’e face it, you want to look either sharp or lazy – not both.

Original BauBax travel blazer

In its place is a more classically styled vest. This accompanies the carryover styles: zip-up hoodie, windbreaker, and bomber jacket.

The coup de grâce of the ensemble is a “Top Secret” RFID-blocking pocket. According to BauBax, this pocket sits in a different location for each style, and its whereabouts are “not public information.”

BauBax 2.0 will run between $175 and $225 depending on style. But you can nab one now at discount on its Kickstarter.

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