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Marmot Mitre Peak Pant Review: MVP Rain Pant for Hiking, Climbing, Soggy Adventures

Marmot Mitre GTX Pants(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

Comfortable, breathable, packable, and incredibly waterproof, the Mitre rain pants will keep you warm and dry for years to come.

In college, I was a proud member of my school’s backpacking club. Although I spent a lot of time on the trails, I didn’t have a lot of money. So I made do with makeshift and borrowed gear. At the time, I lived in California. So trash-bag ponchos and water-resistant shells worked most of the time.

After graduation, I took a celebratory trip to the South Island of New Zealand where I spent a miserably cold and wet 10 days learning the hard way that waterproof doesn’t really fall in the “optional” category when it comes to backpacking gear. It’s essential.

I purchased a rain jacket right after that trip. It proved to be a game changer. Most of my thru-hikes were still reserved to California, but after another miserable 10-day trek through the Sierras where it rained every single day (despite the fact that it was summertime), I decided it was time to add rain pants to the collection.

And after a few lemons, I found a pant that could keep up with all my rainy-day adventures: Marmot’s Mitre Peak Pant.

In short: Designed for backpacking, climbing, and any other outdoor activity, the Mitre Peak pants feature two different types of GORE-TEX. That combination makes them seriously waterproof and comfortable to move in.

The Mitre pants include thoughtful pockets and convenient ankle zippers, allowing you to slip them on and off with ease. They’re also incredibly durable. I have no doubt they will be a part of my backpacking gear lineup for years to come.

Marmot Mitre Peak Pant Review

Marmot Mitre GORE-TEX Peak Pant
(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

First Impressions

On paper, these pants look great. Featuring GORE-TEX, they were promised to be completely waterproof while remaining breathable, packable, and offering plenty of mobility.

But when they arrived, I had mixed feelings about them. The quality was obvious, and I had no doubt I would stay warm and dry anytime I was wearing them. On the other hand, they seemed stiffer and heavier than rain pants I’d had in the past. Which didn’t seem ideal for hiking and backpacking.

But, like most things, you can’t judge a book by its cover. So I took the trails to give them the old college try.

Marmot Mitre rain pants
(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

Mitre Peak Pant Features

Marmot took all the needs of the ambitious hiker into account when designing the Marmot Mitre Peak Pant. They combine GORE-TEX 3L (a durable, waterproof material) with GORE-TEX Active (a waterproof material that allows the pants to remain lightweight and easy to move in).

The Marmot Mitre Peak pants feature ankle zippers and a partial elastic waistband with hook adjustment for a comfortable and custom fit. Additionally, the Mitre pants sport water-resistant pocket zippers, long-hem ankle zippers, Cordura scuff guards, and articulated knees for full mobility.

Mitre Peak Pant Specs

  • Claimed weight: 10 oz.
  • Material: GORE-TEX Active 3L (face fabric), Cordura (scuff guard)
  • Seams: Fully sealed
  • Fit: Regular
  • Leg opening: Hem zippers
  • Pockets: 1 zippered thigh
  • Waist: Partial elastic, integrated belt

The Trail Test: Marmot Mitre Peak Rain Pant

Most of the rain pants I’ve worn in the past fit like a pair of waterproof sweatpants. They’ve got an elastic waist so you can pull them on and off and over other layers with ease.

The Mitre pants fit more like a tailored pair of hiking pants. Once on, they feel similar to ski or snowboard pants, without the insulation liner.

Marmot Mitre Peak Pant

Fit and Function

The pants have a hook adjustment on the waistband to adjust the size. So it was easy to make them bigger for those times when I wanted to throw them on quickly over my shorts or wear them over a pair of leggings in chillier conditions.

They worked over spandex-style shorts, long underwear, and leggings. But they weren’t the most comfortable to wear over traditional hiking or running shorts. I also found the ankle zippers to be helpful when taking the pants on and off or when fitting them over a pair of boots.

They also keep me completely dry, which is what anyone wants in a pair of rain pants. Although I always prefer hiking in shorts when the weather allows, the Mitre pants are comfortable and allow plenty of movement for hiking, climbing, and anything else you need to do in them.

I now live in Honolulu, where it rains often. Typically, it’s warm enough that I just embrace the rain but on longer hikes and the times when I’ve chosen to do overnight adventures, my Marmot Mitre Peak pants have come in clutch. They’re a little warmer than other pants I’ve worn, so they aren’t the best fit for tropical adventures.

But they’ve been through the ringer in Hawaii and I’m excited for their future.

Durability and Packability

Most of the hikes on the islands are incredibly rocky, muddy, and slippery, so I frequently find myself falling or sliding downhill portions on my rear end. The Mitre pants are incredibly durable and after a good washing, they look as good as new.

Marmot Mitre
(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

The last pair of rain pants I had were the Stretch Ozonic pants by Mountain Hardwear. By comparison, the Ozonic pants felt lighter and were more comfortable to hike in. But after one backpacking trip, they already had a hole in them.

I originally purchased the Ozonic pants because I thought they seemed lighter for backpacking but when I looked at the weight of each pant, it turned out that the Ozonic weighs 300 g while the Mitre weighs just 280 g. The Mitre pants fold down small and take up minimal space in my pack. So my original assumptions were inaccurate.

Although the Mitre pants are more expensive, I’ve had them for about 6 months now and they’re still in tip-top shape.

Praise for GORE-TEX

Anytime I’ve ever owned anything made of GORE-TEX, it’s been incredible. And the Marmot Mitre Peak pants are no exception. GORE-TEX does an amazing job of keeping the pants waterproof and durable.

I’d never come across GORE-TEX Active before, but it allowed the pants to be flexible. They also were surprisingly breathable as well, preventing perspiration from building up on the inside. I was very impressed!

Final Thoughts

Marmot Mitre pants
(Photo/Rebecca Parsons)

At $300, the Marmot Mitre Peak pants are an expensive pair of rain pants. But the quality is exceptional — they’re lightweight, comfortable enough to hike in, and they’re incredibly durable and waterproof. They’re a little stiff, but for what they offer, that’s a negligible drawback.

Although it’s an investment upfront, they’re pants that I have no doubt will accompany me on trips for years to come. (The John Muir Trail, Everest Base Camp, and Na Pali Coast are just a few trips I’m eyeing right now.)

Plus, in solid black, they complement every outfit and pack perfectly. In my experience, the Mitre Peak Pant is the MVP of rain pants.

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