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Indestructible Jeans? Outlier Dyneema Denim First Look

Outlier End of Worlds Dyneema jeans
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Slash it, scuff it, thrash it: Outlier says it builds Dyneema jeans to stand up to more abuse than your average pants.

Outlier End of Worlds Dyneema jeans

It’s not often you buy a pair of pants with a name like “End of Worlds.” It’s also unusual to then immediately start slashing them with a pocket knife.

But that’s exactly what I did after I unfurled a fresh pair of New York City-based Outlier’s latest garment. Launched May 1, the End of Worlds boast 52 percent Dyneema construction. Dyneema fibers are stronger per weight than steel, and used in everything from boat rigging to backpacks. Because of that, the brand claims these jeans are highly resistant to slashes and abrasion.

In fact, according to Outlier, these jeans will last four seconds skidding along pavement at 62 miles per hour. I’m not about to put that to the test. But I did try a pair on to see how they feel – and yes, I took a Leatherman knife to them as well.

First Look: Outlier ‘End of Worlds’ Dyneema Jeans

Outlier End of Worlds Dyneema Jeans

Before we begin, here’s the big caveat to the End of Worlds jeans: They cost $275. That’s more than I typically spend on pants in a calendar year (or two). But if they stand up to Outlier’s claim – namely, that they will likely outlive you – then it seems like a more reasonable investment.

When trying them on, I noticed two things right off the bat. First, these are a bit burlier than other jeans I own. They’re not overwhelmingly heavy, but they feel a little like stiff work pants. To combat this, Outlier incorporated 2 percent elastane for added stretch. A quick crouch proves there’s more give to these pants than you’d expect.

But second, and more importantly, they were cool. Not icy cold, but noticeably cool against the skin. And in addition to the rugged construction, that ventilated feel is what Outlier says sets these jeans apart.

“Dyneema is far more thermoconductive than any other common fiber,” the brand says. “That makes it quite cool to the touch, and as long as the temperature around you is less than the body temperature it will continue to pull heat away from the body when worn.”

Pretty quickly, though, the “thermoconductive” jeans leveled out and felt fine. I will be interested to see how they feel out in the sun. Check back later for a full review.

Slash Test: End of Worlds Dyneema Jeans

Next came the fun part: the slash test. Using the blade from a Leatherman Juice B2, I scored the pant leg a number of times with moderate pressure.

It’s important to note that Outlier provides a big disclaimer: “It is neither stab- nor bullet-proof. That takes a lot more Dyneema.” Good to know – guns holstered.

Slash marks on Dyneema jeans face

The jeans quickly showed scars and the slash marks were evident. But surprisingly, when I flipped the jeans inside out, there was no sign the blade cut through. So I slashed a few times on the inside of the pant leg. This time, no marks.

No marks inside Dyneema jeans

For good measure, I accidentally slashed my thumb too. The knife checked out.

So it seems like Outlier’s End of Worlds jeans won’t “cut it” as an addition to your formal wear. And they’ll take on battle scars if you use them as work pants.

Slashed thumb

But, at least after our first couple tests, they seem like they could become a long-lasting piece of camp-wear, or pants for outdoor chores and odd jobs.

Outlier Dyneema Jeans Specs

As for the overall construction, the End of Worlds sport a gusseted crotch, so bending and crouching isn’t restrictive. Its pockets are pretty standard: two back, two front, and a small inner stash pocket inside the front-right hand pocket.

The full construction comprises 52 percent Dyneema, 37 percent cotton, 9 percent nylon, and 2 percent elastane.

Be Careful Where You Sit

Outlier has a couple helpful pieces of advice for shoppers. Take note.

“Dyneema also has a relatively low vaporization point. Super-hot irons and open flames are a no-go. The fabric is made like a proper indigo-dyed denim, and it crocks like raw denim, so white couches are no-go too.”

Unfortunately, I missed that last part after I accidentally rubbed past a white wall at our office. The pants left a mark. And, per Outlier’s notice, it’s probably best to be mindful if wearing these around the campfire.

Stay tuned for a full review of the End of Worlds jeans, with some more rough-and-tumble testing.

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