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From Yoga to Town and Trails: prAna Chakara 7/8 Legging Review

The prAna Chakara 7/8 Leggings are not your typical yoga pants. They go beyond the mat and hold their own from town to trails.
prana chakara 7/8 legging review(Photo/Conni Mahoney)
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When I first put on the prAna Chakara 7/8 Legging, I didn’t expect much. I thought it’d be an average pair of exercise leggings for women. As soon as I started moving, I realized there was more to these leggings than meets the eye. Crafted with recycled nylon, these leggings offer support and sustainability that sets them apart.

In a world where yoga pants are somewhat ubiquitous, it can be challenging to find a design that fits the bill and goes beyond the studio. prAna created a workout tight that grants the freedom to flow through sequences, tackle a HIIT workout, or venture outdoors for a hike. The prAna Chakara 7/8 Leggings deliver superior comfort, functionality, and style.

In short: Consider the prAna Chakara 7/8 Leggings ($99) for a versatile legging that seamlessly transitions from yoga to high-intensity workouts, hikes, or lounging. With an understated appearance, these leggings also have storage pockets and technical fabric that rivals top activewear.

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prAna Chakara ⅞ Legging


  • Size range XS-XL
  • Fabric 88% recycled nylon, 12% lLcra elastane
  • Inseam 25″
  • Pockets 1 large pocket on back waistband


  • Wide waistband
  • UPF 50+


  • Not super soft
woman in prana chakara 7/8 leggings working out on the grass
Testing Prana Chakara 7/8 leggings; (photo/Conni Mahoney)

prAna Chakara ⅞ Legging Review

The prAna Chakara 7/8 Leggings are made with a light compression. The fabric has moisture-wicking properties, making this pant comfortable and breathable even during a HIIT workout.

But what really impressed me were the thoughtful details. The waist panels provide just-right elasticity and support, ensuring a flattering fit that doesn’t sag or slide down during movement.

Although this legging lacks butteriness, the design is exceptionally functional, mindfully designed, and sustainably made. After testing them out, this pair remains my top choice for Pilates, yoga, or running errands around town when I need comfortable clothes on.


You might know, prAna is no stranger to sustainability. In 1992, when the company launched, the owner delivered clothing in upcycled fruit boxes. In 2011, it was the first company to bring Fair Trade Certified clothing to the market.

The Chakara 7/8 Legging follows suit and is crafted from recycled nylon. It’s sustainably made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, with Bluesign-certified materials ensuring responsible production. Not only do these stretchy pants look and feel great, but they also align with the values of a conscious consumer and doing better for the planet.

woman unrolling yoga mat on grass
prAna leggings, with UPF 50+ protection, are ideal for outdoor adventures; (photo/Conni Mahoney)


While the fabric may lack a creamy texture, it’s certainly not rough or uncomfortable. Actually, because of the lack of silkiness, these leggings have become my top choice for Pilates or yoga sessions. Slicker tights tend to cause me to slide around on the Pilates reformer machine or in tree pose in yoga. These leggings have the right amount of traction to help keep me and my limbs firmly in place.

For outdoor use, the leggings have the advantage of UPF 50+ protection. I’ve worn ’em on multiple hikes in the Colorado Rockies. They kept me comfortable and dry despite the fluctuating temperatures.

close up of prana chakara leggings hem
prAna Chakara 7/8 leggings hem; (photo/Conni Mahoney)

Gusset and Seams

Made of polyester, Coolmax is a technical synthetic fabric with a 25% larger surface area than other fibers, states the brand. As a result, the material helps to transport moisture away from the person’s skin to the outside of the fabric, helping to keep athletes less damp and comfortable.

These leggings feature Coolmax fabric in the gusset — exactly where enhanced reinforcement is needed at the meeting of the seams and also where lots of heat builds during activity.

Additionally, a strategic decision was made to eliminate the outermost leg seams. The move aims to prevent potential chafing and minimize weak points in the construction. The remaining interior leg seams are constructed using flatlock stitching, which adopts a ladder-like design to ensure the thread remains flexible, strong, and comfortable.

woman placing phone into prana chakara leggings back pocket
Chakra leggings are equipped with generously sized back pocket; (photo/Conni Mahoney)


Although they only offer one pocket, these 7/8 leggings boast a surprisingly spacious one hidden in the backside of the waistband. Despite its seemingly small 3-inch opening, it leads to a generously sized compartment: 7” x 5”.

If pockets are your priority, there might be better choices than these leggings. I am a pocket lover, and it was an adjustment to not have a pocket on the thigh or hip. However, given the design’s primary focus of yoga or exercise class, the absence of multiple pockets makes sense.

woman in prana chakara leggings rolling yoga mat
Chakara leggings offer functionality beyond the yoga mat; (photo/Conni Mahoney)


While this is a winning design for yoga, I found it’s not limited to a mat. Beyond Pilates and yoga, I went camping, hiking, and bouldering in these tights. I wore them for my errands around town.

The fabric is durable, quick-wicking, and supportive with great elasticity, so they stay put. Even after several washes, I noticed only a few spots with pilling in high-use areas. I was sure to follow the tag: Wash these inside out and lay them flat to dry.

Living in a dog-friendly household, I often encounter the challenge of pet hair collecting on my dark-colored apparel. Despite the non-silky texture, I found this fabric does not attract dog hair. However, it does tend to grab small fuzzies. A swift pass with a lint roller quickly resolves this minor issue.

woman working out in prana chakara 7/8 leggings
These leggings are suitable for any adventure from yoga sessions to hiking trips; (photo/Conni Mahoney)


After testing them out, I found that the prAna Chakara 7/8 Leggings redefine the notion of yoga pants. The design transcends a typical workout legging and is versatile and durable for a range of activities. Beyond the yoga mat, this pair works great for hiking, bouldering, high-intensity workouts, camping, lounging, Pilates, or running errands.

Despite a simple appearance, they boast thoughtful details like a discreet hidden pocket in the waistband, providing a storage solution for essentials. I also appreciated the Coolmax material in the gusset and the flatlock-stitched interior leg seams. Moreover, the UPF 50+ protection makes them ideal for outdoor adventures.

From yoga sessions to hiking excursions in the Colorado Rockies, these leggings proved their durability, quick-wicking properties, and supportive construction. Overall, the prAna Chakara 7/8 Leggings stand out as a reliable, eco-friendly, and versatile choice for women with an active lifestyle.


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