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Lotion Up! Neck Warmer ‘Moisturizes’ Skin

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A neck warmer that moisturizes while you wear it? Yes, you read that correctly. Roxy, in collaboration with cosmetics brand Biotherm, has revealed the “Enjoy and Care” line of jackets and neck warmers that moisturize skin while keeping you warm.

As Roxy explains it, “millions of tiny micro-capsules” containing skincare additives are built into the fabric.

We’re not entirely sure how it works, but envision microscopic beads filled with moisturizer; when exposed to friction, they burst and release their contents directly onto skin.

It sounds like a weird idea, but clothing with bug repellants and sunscreens have successfully been on the market for years now, so a moisturizing neck warmer may not be that far fetched.

The Gear: Roxy “Enjoy And Care” Lana Collar ($20)

Available: September 2015

First Impressions: It’s made of soft fabric with a fun print. The entire idea of being moisturized by clothes is pretty crazy, but the Lana doesn’t feel greasy or like it’s soaked in some sort of lotion or oil.

Where To Test It: Whether you’re hitting the slopes or heading out for a drink on a cold night, this neck warmer will keep you warm, stylish and, apparently, moisturized.

Who’s It For: Ladies who don’t want dry winter skin to stop them from shredding and playing in the cold; innovative gear fans; and multi-taskers.

Too good to be true? After wearing the neck warmer for a couple weeks, I can say it has kept me warm and protected from frigid elements. It’s hard to say, though, if it has actually moisturized or cared for my skin. I didn’t notice any “bursting moisture capsules.”

Boring But Important: One size fits all. 100% polyester. Paraben-free and non-allergenic.

Awesome! Comfortable, warm and stylish enough that you can easily wear it in the backcountry or around town. And with a $20 price tag, it’s an affordable gift or winter accessory.

Flaw: Biotherm moisturizing technology only lasts through about 15 washes. Even though the moisturizing formula may only last a season or two, it’s still a reasonably-priced, supple and effective collar long after the skincare component has dissipated.

Contact Brand/More Beta: Roxy

—Mallory Paige is a professional neophyte, best friend to #BaylortheDog, and adventurer focused on two main tenants — Monopoint Media LLC

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