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Not Your Typical Flannel: The Stio Hutkeeper Shirt Review

The best of both worlds, the Stio Hutkeeper Flannel Shirt is a combination of a jacket and shirt that can be used year-round.

woman standing on bridgeDuring our field tests, the Stio Hutkeeper Flannel was a great heavy-set layer; (photo/Constance Mahoney)
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This heavyweight women’s flannel has all the details you’d hope a flannel jacket would have. I said what I said. The Stio Women’s Hutkeeper Flannel Shirt is a true shacket.

The Hutkeeper is soft and durable, comes in a few color choices, and is made with organic cotton. The shirt also has pockets!

While the silhouette looks good, the build is made for work. After pulling this on day after day, I found the Hutkeeper can be used as a standalone jacket or as a layering piece beneath a warmer winter jacket. Of course, it is cotton, so it has its limitations.

In short: The Stio Hutkeeper Flannel Shirt ($145) is an excellent choice for gals who want a thicker flannel, shirt-jacket, or layering piece. The name says “shirt,” but don’t be fooled — this is not as thin as a regular cotton shirt. The Hutkeeper is denser, more durable, and feels like a light jacket.

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Stio Women’s Hutkeeper Flannel Shirt


  • Material 100% organic cotton
  • Density Heavyweight
  • Best for Everyday wear, farmyard chores, camping


  • Durable
  • Flattering silhouette


  • Lighter colors show dirt quickly
close-up hand pockets women's flannel shirt
The Stio Hutkeeper includes hand pockets; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Stio Hutkeeper Women’s Flannel Shirt: Review 

The first thing I noticed about the Stio Hutkeeper Flannel Shirt was that it wasn’t really a shirt. Well, at least not like the other flannels I’ve pulled on in the past. The Hutkeeper is nearly twice as thick as other flannels that I’ve tested (and, I’ve tested a lot of ’em).

That extra weight and thickness increases the warmth. Regardless, the cut isn’t too boxy.

My favorite part about this design is that the jacket-shirt has six integrated pockets! I excitedly found two chest pockets, two hand pockets, and two large interior pockets. The seams are reinforced seams, and the thick buttons are easy to use with gloves on. This is not an average flannel shirt.

All Seasons, All Activities

I’ve worn this shacket for just about everything in every season. Hiking. Outdoor chores. Waiting in winter after-school pickups. Windy spring days doing yardwork. On the sidelines of fall soccer games. This piece was also my go-to layer when I crewed my husband at one of his 100-mile ultrarunning races.

When I say main layer, I mean I didn’t take it off. I wore the Hutkeeper nonstop before the start gun and after the finish line.

The Hutkeeper was my blanket as I slept on the 12-hour car ride to the event. Once we arrived, it started to rain, so I pulled my rain jacket over the shirt during the bib check-in and while distributing drop bags. The next morning, this layer was my 6 a.m. startline jacket. I never took it off while shuttling pacers and crewing at aid stations.

After sunset when the stars came out, I layered a puffy jacket over this flannel while waiting at the 50-mile turnaround point. I even took a nap while wearing it. I was still wearing this shirt when I welcomed my husband across the finish line.

The Hutkeeper was adaptable and comfortable enough to wear for more than 30 hours straight in the ever-changing spring weather of Wyoming. That’s saying a lot. 

close-up of hem
The Hutkeeper’s hem has nice articulation; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Fit, Hem, Layering: Women’s Flannel Jacket

With a regular fit, the Hutkeeper is between a slim and loose outline. The shape is ideal for wearing over a long-sleeve shirt. You can also layer this flannel beneath another jacket.

Given the semi-loose fit, my shoulders never felt too tight when I reached out or picked something up. The armpits are also loose enough to allow mobility.

The only nitpicky thing I noticed is the arm length. The sleeves pull back a couple of inches when I put my arms straight out. However, I do have a longer wingspan than my 5’4” frame counterparts typically have, so maybe that’s a variable.  

I never wore it as a base layer, against the skin. While the fabric is soft, the Hutkeeper felt more comfortable to wear on top of a T-shirt, tank, or another base layer.

Also, I appreciated that the shirttail hem is long enough to block a breeze. I also have full coverage when bending down. The hem is thick, ensuring that it will not fray fast. I get the impression that Stio designers put a lot of thought into these details. 

women's flannel shirt chest pockets
The Hutkeeper has two chest pockets with button closures; (photo/Constance Mahoney)


Unlike typical flannels, the Hutkeeper has six pockets. There are two decently sized chest pockets with button closures. The other four pockets don’t have buttons or snaps holding them shut.

There are another two hand pockets near the seams, which don’t feel bulky around the torso. Those are easy to slide your hands into.

My favorites were the two interior pockets. They are huge! They are large enough to stash multiple snacks, my phone, trash, and even a water bottle! None of the pockets are secured with a zipper, so remember that if you’re putting valuables in them. 

Internal pockets
The Hutkeeper has two internal pockets that are rather spacious; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Closures and Buttons

These buttons are large, and I had no issues operating them while wearing a pair of gloves. (That might be different with mittens on.)

The placket (at the front of the shirt where the buttons are placed) is reinforced and extra thick. A bonus button is sewn on the inside of the flannel, right below the bottom button. It’s nice to have a spare on hand!

On the cuffs, the buttons are smaller than the ones on the front. And I could secure them while wearing thin-fingered gloves. 

Close-up buttons
The buttons are sturdy on the shacket; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Collar and Cuffs

The cuffs each have one small button, so you can close and tighten the wrist area. The cuffs are also thicker than the body of the flannel, which made for an easy roll-up. Around the neck, the collar is tall and dense, so it could stand upright to help protect you from the elements. 

shirt collar
The Hutkeeper has a soft collar; (photo/Constance Mahoney)

Care Instructions

You don’t want to pull your flannel out of the wash and have the buttons misaligned, because the shirt got too hot in the cycle.

The tag says to machine wash in cold water with a gentle cycle and to tumble dry low. I’ve washed the Huttkeeper numerous times by the book, and the shirt has held up great.

There is slight pilling that’s starting to happen, but not enough for others to notice. One thing to note is that the lighter colors do show dirt quickly. If you want to extend use between washes without looking too dirty, you might consider a darker color. 

Stio Huntkeeper: Conclusion 

In high school, I used to wear sweatshirts all the time, no matter the season. As an adult, I’ve moved on to flannels. The Stio Hutkeeper Flannel Shirt fills that need for comfort.

The Hutkeeper is a heavyweight option that’s on the denser side, which also makes it durable. The piece is great to wear over shirts, unbuttoned or as a lightweight jacket.

I most enjoyed this piece for workdays around the farm, playing outside, camping, crewing races, and general errands around town. The shirt has a great collar, buttons on the cuffs, and articulated hem in addition to the great construction and quality.  

This shacket has become my must-have layer for the shoulder seasons, but it’s also earned a spot on my coat rack year-round. 

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