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From Berms to Breweries: Wild Rye Eeva Short Overalls Review

Made to fit your chamois underneath for biking adventures, Wild Rye’s Eeva short overalls might be the surprising new piece of mountain biking gear you’ll want to wear all summer.

Wild Rye Eeva Short Overalls 3 - Katie Eichelberger(Photo/Kyle Rasmussen)
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Wild Rye is making huge strides in the women’s mountain biking world with its bright, technical gear made for shredding. When the brand hopped on the overall trend, no one was mad about it. But are overalls practical for riding bikes? We’ll tell you.

In short: We wore these shorteralls on multiple rides from casual long days in the saddle on pavement to dusty mountain bike trails, and we highly approve them for riding, and for hanging! Though they’re pricey, if you’re looking for a piece of technical clothing that can perform on and off the bike, you can count on these to keep you comfortable, pedaling, and trendy too.

Wild Rye Eeva Short Overalls


  • Materials 95% Bio Nylon, 5% Spandex
  • Fabric weight 217 GSM (According to Wild Rye)
  • Pockets 6
  • Adjustable fit Yes
  • Sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18


  • No waistband digging into your gut
  • Overall pretty freeing
  • Chamois compatible
  • Quick drying


  • Could the buttons do some damage?
  • Peeing — not easy
  • Pockets don’t keep your stuff inside
  • Pilling formed in the saddle region after a few months of riding

Wild Rye Eeva Short Overalls: Review

Testing the Wild Rye Eeva Short Overalls
Testing the Eeva short overalls on trail; (photo/Kyle Rasmussen)

For me, the resurgence of overalls was the best thing to happen. These short overalls made this ’90s girl smile with nostalgia, but they also stood up to the technical nature needed for mountain biking.

What We Loved: The Fit

The Eeva Short Overalls come in a size range from 0 to 18 and have a 5-inch inseam. They also come in two colors: Golden (yellow) and Black.

Wild Rye Eeva Short Overalls - The Fit
The short’s inseam is long enough for riding, with a loose and comfortable fit; (photo/Kyle Rasmussen)

I’m 5’1” and about 136 pounds, and I chose a size 8 so I would have room for a chamois underneath. I previously purchased a size 6 for my long overalls, which are a bit more fitted. According to Wild Rye, the Eevas were made a bit more baggy from the start, so you can order the same size of the Elorie (long overalls) if you have them.

For me, riding in overalls was a blessing I didn’t know I needed. I tend to find that sometimes my mountain bike shorts dig into my gut or waist on long rides, causing stomach pain. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but I didn’t realize how freeing overalls would be until I tried them. There isn’t a waistband to jam into my stomach or hips, and it allowed me to breathe much more freely. Win-win!

How Does It Compare?

The author riding in the Wild Rye Eeva overalls with a hip pack on; (photo/Kyle Rasmussen)

While Wild Rye isn’t the only brand making short overalls that aren’t denim, but it’s definitely one of the few focused on riding apparel. Shredly, for example, just came out with a similar version, though it’s technically a romper.

Flylow, prAna, and Duluth Trading Company have some offerings as well, but they aren’t made specifically for riding. Meanwhile, Ripton already has a denim pants version, but will it join the short overall trend?

So, why Wild Rye? To me, it’s because of its intentionality toward active biking and its performance in testing. I found these to be very comfortable on long rides, and they do indeed dry pretty quickly in the summer.


(Photo/Kyle Rasmussen)

With my Wild Rye Elorie Technical Overalls (the pant version of the Eeva), my straps became all twisted after washing, and I was never able to get them back to their original state. Now, the strap has a loose part that just flops around when I wear them.

I worried about the similar thing with these, but here we are — five or six washes in, and they seem to be doing okay! Wild Rye fixed an issue with the past product, which I definitely appreciate.

Another possible issue I have wondered about is the implications of wearing metal on the straps of my overalls while mountain biking. What happens if I hit a tree hard on the buttons, or wreck my sh*t down a cliffside? Luckily, this hasn’t happened, but I do wonder if there are any safety concerns with having metal components.

Finally, I found that the butt of the overalls started to pill after a few months of wearing them in the saddle over and over. Especially if you plan on wearing this fit constantly in warmer weather, the wear and tear on the butt could be a bummer. I would suggest some heftier materials for future iterations of the Eeva.

Wild Rye Eeva Short Overalls: Conclusion

Wild Rye Eeva Short Overalls
(Photo/Max Ellingson)

Overall, I think these overalls are a win for summers in the saddle, although I will recognize they are a bit pricey and the quality could be improved to stand up to lots of riding over time. You can find the Wild Rye Eeva Short on Wild Rye’s website, as well as a few other outdoor outfitters.

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