The Coolest ‘Wingsuiting’ Film of 2020 Is Here

The popularity of BASE jumping has fluctuated over the years, but everyone can agree that wingsuiting is a thrillseeking sport here to stay.

Ever wondered how and why people decide to launch themselves off cliffs? The film “Line of Sight” offers an in-depth look into the sport of wingsuiting across locations worldwide — but especially one wingsuiter’s start in the Dolomites, 2,000 feet off the ground.

The film starts with jumpers choosing their “line of sight”: looking toward a massive pillar of rock and visualizing flight into the chasm below. Then they jump headfirst, spreading their thin, plastic wings.

The sport isn’t just about flying, although that’s most of it. It’s about seeking adventure. The most beautiful jump locations aren’t going to be easy to access, and that’s the point.

The 28-minute film, produced by KAVU’s film team, launched this weekend.

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