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Tiny Wheels, Foldable Frame: World’s Smallest E-Bike

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[leadin]2015 has seen the e-bike arrive in the public consciousness in many different forms. This version is small, light and foldable.[/leadin]


The A-Bike is the “world’s lightest and most compact electric bike,” according to the U.K.-based designers. It weighs 26 pounds and folds down to fit in a trunk.

Folding bikes are not new — even ones with ridiculously tiny wheels — but this is the smallest and most portable one we’ve seen.

With extreme portability comes a fairly silly appearance. The A-Bike is what we imagine the offspring of a bicycle and Razor scooter would look like. The tiny wheels will make for a less-than-stable ride — but it just might work for short commutes.

Tiny Ride

An electric motor housed in the front wheel provides assistance when pedaling. The bike senses when you’re putting in more effort and kicks in automatically.

It doesn’t have any gears. The electric-assist compensates for the extra effort you’re putting in while going up a hill.

The detachable 24-volt battery will last up to 15 miles, according to the company, and it can be removed or charged while still attached to the bike.

A fully enclosed, dual-chain drive keeps everything clean and, hopefully, pretty maintenance free.

Portable E-Bike

The bike has a telescoping aluminum frame and folds small. That compact size does sacrifice a few of the luxuries you find on other bikes, including normal wheels and gears.

It’s not as light as other folding bikes we’ve seen, weighing 26 pounds, but it’s certainly lighter than other e-bikes.


We can imagine this would only be a solution for folks who live in city with perfectly smooth streets. Pothole filled roads would wreak havoc to those tiny wheels.

If you’re looking for an ultraportable folding bike and don’t care about how ridiculous you appear while riding it, you can swing over to the company’s Kickstarter page and grab an A-bike for $695.

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