Camelbak Freeride Pack

After an abrupt end to his last public meal, it’s tough not to ask, “Just what happened to Tony Soprano?” Our guess is that he took stock of his unhealthy weight and lifestyle and decided to chase a different buzz: Freeriding at nearby Diablo Mountain Bike Park. And if he did, he’s gonna be rocking Camelbak’s to-be-released Don pack.

At $120, it’s the boss of the family of three new all-mountain freeride bike packs, which also include The Capo ($100) and Consigliere ($90).

Camelbak Don

With 1,070 cubic inches of cargo capacity, there’s enough storage to hold a full-face helmet as well as pockets for a tire pump, shock pump, CO2 cartridges, and tubes. The Don has a reservoir that can hold up to 100 liquid ounces of water or, if preferred, Pellegrino.

A fleece-lined pocket safely secures glasses or goggles, and external armor straps can house additional protective gear. On the base of one side of the pack is an easy-access stash pocket, while the other side features a hidden window for a lift pass.

The Don and other packs in the line will be available October 15. Post-ride drinks at Bada Bing not included.

—Stephen Krcmar