‘Handy MacAskill’ Slays MTB. Don’t Believe It? Try Us.

Not many MTB riders are more sick or better-rounded than Danny MacAskill. A main rival? Himself, as five fingers and a tiny bike.

I’ll admit, I expected to hard-pass within 10 seconds of watching “Handy MacAskill.” But then the subtle humor and somewhat astounding production value set in and I found myself hooked.

I’m not sure which rider I like better: Handy or Danny, and that’s saying something because there are some really, really good reasons to love Danny.

But his metacarpal alter-ego is pretty sick. Watch Handy nail American bunny hops on the picket tips of a wrought iron fence, log-roll a beer bottle for a few full revolutions, do a loop-the-loop in a culvert, and more.

He can even build his own ramps — call it handiwork.

Runtime: 2.5 minutes

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