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Got an idea for an MTB adventure? Tell Esker by Sept.; (photo/Esker Cycles)

Win a Hardtail in the 2022 Esker Ride Scholarship

Core bike builder Esker Cycles seeks out a psyched MTBer to give a bike to this summer, via a ‘scholarship’ program.

If you’ve got big mountain bike ideas but don’t have the rig to pull it off, do yourself a favor and check out the 2022 Esker Ride Scholarship.

The Montana-founded bike brand acknowledges that the threshold of entry tends to be a little high in mountain biking. One big hurdle: buying a bike.

That’s why it plans to give one of its hardtail builds to a worthy applicant.

“With this ongoing scholarship, we hope to be able to reduce those barriers ever so slightly in the best way that we know how — by offering a bike to a rider that could use it, and to provide an opportunity to get out and ride,” Esker said in a release.

The brand extends the opportunity to “anyone” interested in applying. Criteria? Transmit the reasons why you think you’d be a good fit for the opportunity to Esker.

esker cycles
(Photo/Esker Cycles)

That’s it! With a caveat or two.

Esker especially wants to encourage new riders who harbor “a vision for a particular ride or adventure and an interest in telling their story.”

You’ll want to be interested in both because Esker also expects the winner to carry out their adventure within a year of receiving the bike, and share their mountain biking adventure story with the brand.

Still looks like a pretty sweet deal, though. The winners (Esker uses the plural but does not specify how many will win) will get one of two model bikes in the size and color of their choice, free and clear. The Japhy, Esker says, tackles anything from flow tracks to singletrack with a 120mm fork and clearance up to 29 x 2.8”.


esker cycles japhy
The Japhy; (photo/Esker Cycles)

Meanwhile, the Hayduke gets a wider fork but a smaller rim, and accommodates wider tires for backcountry or bikepacking.

esker hayduke
The Hayduke; (photo/Esker Cycles)

Both get Esker’s custom-drawn tubeset that’s specific to each frame size. And a Portage dropout system offers riders the ability to switch between drivetrain types, hub widths, and chainstay lengths.

Win a rig by applying on or before Sept. 30 at the Esker Ride Scholarship website.

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