‘Honk If You Freeride’: Casey Brown and an All-Women Crew Shred

Mountain biking is sick, road trips are sick, people are sick, life’s sick — ‘everyone’s sending, it’s so sick!’

It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a genuine hype video. The women of “Honk If You Freeride” land it perfectly with episode 1 of the series.

“I Gotta Get Biking Now” follows Casey Brown and friends on the road from Canada to Utah. Life’s good on the road; the freeride crushers learn tricks, goof off, ride trails, and generally cut up across the Intermountain West.

One playful episode fades in around 5:15 — Brown channels in via voiceover. “Yo, what up, MTV?” she says in her best “MTV Cribs” celeb imitation. The camera pans across the crew’s posh digs — all 10 feet of them. (For some, sleeping bags in a travel trailer are the trappings of the best life.)

The soundtrack varies pleasingly, along with the action. Sit back and kick it with a jangly alternative to indie rap.

Runtime: 19 minutes

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