Bike has Leather, Four wheels, Coaster Brakes

We have really no idea what to make of this. Coming from a company called AUTUM, this leather-clad cruiser bike, named the Epitaph, costs $2,950 and has a total of four tires, two on front and two on back, all stacked side by side on extra-wide rims. The company made just 12 Epitaph bikes in total, and one has been sold. There are laser-engraved Roman numerals denoting the Epitaph edition you get.

Epitaph cruiser from AUTUM

The weird wheels are custom-made, and the seat, grips and frame inserts were “made from scratch,” the company touts. The leather? It is “obsessively selected aged leather,” and the company added it onto the puffy seat, grip handles, and along the top tube as some kind of upholstered accouterment.

Side-by-side tires mounted on each rim!

The bike is made in the USA and built with a powder-coated steel frame. It’s a single-speed cruiser made for look-at-me city riding, complete with platform pedals and old-school coaster brakes. —Stephen Regenold

Comfy enough? Aged-leather puffy seat

Stephen Regenold

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