Inaugural Loam and Gravel Society President Drops First Video: Get Stoked

A new web series follows a bike-loving traveler as he embraces the creative ways people use their bikes around the country. Welcome to the Loam & Gravel Society.

As far as publicity goes, the latest move from Old Man Mountain is a smart one. The company known for its sturdy bike racks has partnered with the Robert Axle Project to launch the Loam & Gravel Society.

Inspired by the famous Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, the group “wants people to do more with their bikes.” To encourage that, they hired traveler and bike lover Evan Christenson to spend 3 months interviewing the kinds of cyclists that don’t compete in the X Games. (Technically, Christenson is also the inaugural President of the new “secret” society.)

Christenson will go bikefishing in Montana with Gabaccia (@Gabaccia) and Serene (@FattyOnTheFly), and bikerafting with Steve Fassbinder (@RepublicofDoom) in Southern Colorado. He will also try adaptive bikepacking with Bowhead Corp (@BowheadCorp) in Canada.

The trailer dropped today, and the first episode airs on July 27 at 2 p.m. PDT. Check out both on the Old Man Mountain YouTube channel.

Runtime: 1 minute

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