Manx Enduro: A Crusty Duo Tackle the Isle of Man by Mountain Bike

Ride a time warp back to the glory days of Handycam adventure footie, courtesy of Hazzard Racing and two latter-day pop icons.

The Manx MTB Enduro is reserved for hard people — it’s a traverse of the 32-mile-long Isle of Man.

Watch two crusty veterans negotiate the task, from traveling to the tiny islet to gloomy-weather “prackie” sessions to race day.

Joe Barnes and his buddy Ferg have been around the block a few times, and their production style reflects it. Get ready for wide-angle lens shots, candid moments, and general lo-fi fun.

Oh, yeah — Daryl Hall & John Oates handle parts of the soundtrack and help drive home the nostalgia.

Tally ho!

Runtime: 10 minutes

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