This Year’s Red Bull Rampage Is Scary

Red Bull Rampage happens tomorrow. Now you can get an exclusive look at the crazy lines — and competition.

Red Bull Rampage is just like what it sounds — a risky, death-defying event in which pro mountain bikers fly down steep canyon lines. Each rider makes their own line and hits jumps and features they’ve built along the way.

The competition is known for showcasing some of the best riders in the world. But the event is also known for its crash-inducing level of difficulty. It’s also possibly the biggest competition in freeride mountain biking.

Follow along with riders like Carson Storch, Brandon Semenuk, and Brett Rheeder in the first practice event of Rampage.

Red Bull Rampage 2018: Daredevil 'Guinea Pigs' Break Ground on New Runs
Red Bull Rampage 2018: Daredevil 'Guinea Pigs' Break Ground on New Runs

A GearJunkie editor headed to the competition venue to learn about the bravery and bravado that is the Red Bull Rampage mountain bike competition. Read more…

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