This Family Bike Trip Is the Best Adventure a Dad Could Ask For

Riding the Rainbow Rim Trail in Grand Canyon National Park is a very different trip with two kids in tow. Or is it?

Utahn mountain biker Eric Porter took his family to the Rainbow Rim in search of wilderness and trails. But what they found was so much better: a new way of exploring the outdoors together as a family.

The first sound you hear is the deep, gravelly timbre of the narrator’s voice, set against the backdrop of America’s quintessential Grand Canyon.

“There’s magic in unknown trails that makes us feel like kids,” says the narrator. The Rainbow Rim Trail is a 22-mile point-to-point singletrack trail in the heart of the Arizona desert. Lots of dirt, gravel, and jaw-dropping, sweeping views. No magic needed.

Our takeaways from this short? First of all, kids are fearless. And exploring the outdoors as a family will almost always lead to adventure.

“A Grand Adventure: Exploring the Rainbow Rim” was filmed by Justin Olsen and produced by Diamondback Bicycles.

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