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Wind Could Cause Rule Change, Force Rampage Riders Into Tough Decisions

red bull rampage jaxson riddleJaxson Riddle at Rampage 2022; (photo/Robin O'Neill, Red Bull Content Pool)
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All week, wind has caused concerns at Red Bull Rampage. The morning of the event, race organizers broke the news that it would force a rule change.

At this morning’s rider meeting, race organizers said windy weather might prevent riders taking multiple runs today. Usually, Rampage riders get two runs to post their best score. But even delicate winds (3-4 mph) can cause catastrophic results while athletes are airborne.

So, 25 minutes before competition is scheduled to start this morning, riders learned they may only get one shot at their line today.

Each rider does get 10 minutes at the starting gate. If they don’t drop in by the time the clock runs out, they score a DNF. Usually, a DNF is recoverable if you’ve got another run in your pocket. Today, that might not be the case.

As I sit here at mid-height, the three wind socks on the mountain hang limp.

The wind didn’t bother Alex Volokhov — he dropped into the big drop he spent yesterday afternoon perfecting and then threw a big backflip into the lower bowl. Seconds later, Reed Boggs hit the drop, too.

He cruised right toward me on the mid road, and briefly looked straight at me. His dark eyes focused finely, unblinking and unbothered.

Then he moved on.

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