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Polestar Cars Launches Limited-Edition Allebike Alpha for Downcountry Riding

The electric car-maker partnered with Allebike to co-design a limited-edition mountain bike. So far, there are only 100 to go around.

The high-end MTB market may have a new contender in the Allebike Alpha Polestar edition. It’s a collaboration between two Swedish companies: electric car-maker Polestar and high-end bike manufacturer Allebike.

Billed as Polestar’s flagship product for its non-car offerings, the design shoots for a lightweight build with a carbon-fiber frame and a minimalist design. Öhlins — another Swedish outfit — handles the suspension.

The new design builds from Allebike’s existing Alpha model mountain bike. With its full suspension and low weight, the bike will suit lovers of downcountry riding. They’ll have to compete to get one, though; the companies have only produced 100 bikes for a limited-edition first run.

allebike alpha polestar

Polestar Cars x Allebike Alpha Features

The Allebike Alpha Polestar edition comes with an upright seating position and a slack head tube angle of 65 degrees. It has a wireless dropper post and an option for wireless shifting.

The angular frame, symmetrical rear swing arm, and internal cable routing reflect the minimalist influence of Polestar. Company leaders clearly hope to attract car owners, as the bike comes “perfectly colour coordinated with Polestar cars.”

In fact, the bike shares a suspension-maker with Polestar’s cars, which also use Öhlins dampers. The bike gets Öhlins RXF34 m.2 29 Air Suspension with 130 mm of travel in the front and TTX1Air with 120 mm of travel in the back.

allebike polestar detail
The Öhlins RXF34 m.2 29 Air Suspension; (photo/Polestar)

To maintain the minimalist visual style, the bike comes in just two metallic colors: “snow” and “space.” That design strategy continues with the dampers and details. They’re painted the same “Swedish gold” as one of the company’s performance upgrades for its vehicles.

damper allebike polestar
Polestar’s golden damper; (photo/Polestar)

Allebike brings its manufacturing expertise to the table, building each bike by hand at its headquarters in Alingsås. They sell only on the Polestar Additionals website, with just one size available (68-74 inches). MSRP is €9,500 ($9,729).

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