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QuietKat Launches New Tech: 3 E-Bike Classes in 1

QuietKat introduces a new update allowing riders to change between e-bike classifications.

QuietKat VPO
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Power when you want it. Compliance when you need it.” QuietKat has announced a big software update that allows riders to change between e-bike classes with the push of a button.

With Variable Power Output (VPO) Technology, riders can choose between classifications and power output levels so that they can stay in compliance everywhere e-bikes are allowed.

“This technology is truly a first-to-market game-changer, not just for the end user but also for the industry as a whole. With VPO, QuietKat customers can now access more trails, paths, and other areas that have differing output requirements for e-bike use. This technology allows us to provide more riding options from a single e-bike,” said QuietKat President and Co-Founder Jake Roach.

E-Bike Classes

e-bik classes

The QuietKat VPO-enabled e-bikes follow the Three Class System, which is accepted in more than 40 states and was standardized by People for Bikes, the association for the bicycle and e-bike industry. People for Bikes devised this system to modernize e-bike laws in the United States, making it easier to categorize and regulate e-bikes based on their maximum assisted speed.

Switching between classifications on the QuietKat e-bike is a breeze with its display screen. Riders must come to a complete stop before making the change. With a quick push of a button, the bike will be whatever class is selected.


“E-Bike rules are inconsistent across federal, state, and local jurisdictions. Oftentimes, there are competing rules within the same agency or management area, challenging riders and managers alike. The QuietKat VPO-enabled e-bike allows the rider to evaluate which class is approved and adjust accordingly,” said Roach.

“QuietKat and our riders have a demonstrated commitment to stewardship and conservation. Our riders care deeply about complying with the local rules, and the VPO technology will make it easier for riders to stay in compliance and continue the ride,” he continued.

VPO technology will be available on all mid-drive motor options. This includes the APEX PRO, APEX SPORT, JEEP, RUBICON, and IBEX.

If you want to learn more about QuietKat’s new VPO software (complete with tutorials), you can check it out here

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