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Riding The ‘Loop Of Doom’

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A professional freestyle mountain biker dreamed of defying gravity on a massive wooden loop he built with his friends and crowd-sourced funds. The short story? Gravity won.

loop of doom

Pro biker Matt Macduff dreamed of riding a 40-foot swoop of wood, a structure that came to be called the “Loop Of Doom.” He dreamed so hard that he actually went for it, launching a project on Kickstarter in January.

He eventually raised $11,914 from 118 people who concurred “yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll hold your beer.”

On March 19th, Macduff dropped an insane ramp built to generate enough speed to defy gravity. He rocketed into the Loop Of Doom when the very predictable outcome then occurred. (Good God man, what do you expect with a name like that?)

He totally ate it, and he wound up with 10 fractures in his right wrist, three in his right ankle, and presumably a healthy respect for gravity after all.

Video Captures Moment Of Glory, Then Crash

Watching the video, we’re glad things weren’t worse. Macduff is currently working on rehabilitation at his home in Ontario.

While the 40-foot loop wasn’t his first attempt at this — he’d “mastered” a 20-foot loop before the attempt — it still seems full-on nuts.

Macduff talks about the project in an interview on his blog dedicated to the project. If you’re intrigued, check it out.

We wish Macduff a speedy recovery. We wouldn’t, however, recommend trying this at home, or anywhere else.

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