Thule Raceway Rack

A problem with many trunk racks is that they can be stolen right off a car — bikes on them or not. Thule’s Raceway and Raceway Platform racks, which won’t be available until March of 2010, promise to eliminate this concern with a ratcheting cable system to lock the rack to the vehicle.

At first glance, the setup seems like a good choice for anyone skeptical of nylon strap systems or rack models infused with steel like Yakima’s Quickback. When the Raceway is properly secured to the car and the cables are tight, they can’t be moved. Just turn the key on the included lock and the ratcheting mechanism can’t be released, effectively locking the rack to the vehicle.

Thule Raceway rack

Beyond its security benefits, Thule says the rack’s cables, which don’t stretch like straps do, keep the rack and your bikes more stable on the road.

Thule Raceway Platform rack

It will come in two models. The Raceway, where bikes hang from the rack, comes in versions to accommodate two or three bikes ($189.99 and $199.95). The Raceway Platform — two bike capacity at $249.95 — has flat platforms for bike wheels to seat.

—Stephen Krcmar