Transition Relay
The Relay; (photo/Transition Bicycle Company)

The Transition Relay Gives You an E-Bike and MTB in One: Here’s How

The ongoing revolution in electric bikes has resulted in a new hybrid from Transition Bicycle Company.

A combination of mountain bike and e-bike, the Relay was announced by Transition on June 15 and will hit bike shops in spring 2023. Like other new e-bike models announced this year, it’s a novel use of the technology.

Transition claims the bike provides a stellar experience as both a mountain bike and an e-bike after “exploring the concept of two bikes in one for many years,” according to the press release.

(Photo/Transition Bicycle Company)

“The ability to have a lightweight, powered bike with a removable battery was our ultimate dream,” Transition said. “While there have been bikes with this capability in the past, this is our interpretation of the modular concept. The biggest challenge was doing justice to both options and not compromising either configuration.”

Transition said that many cyclists couldn’t afford both a great mountain bike and a reliable e-bike, making the Relay an excellent choice for riders who want a single bike that can work in multiple scenarios. By switching out the easily removable 430Wh battery, riders can still hit trails or bike parks not open to e-bikes. Then they can reattach the battery for commuting to work or for an extra day of assisted riding.

(Photo/Transition Bicycle Company)

The bike frame allows for 160mm and 170mm of rear travel and remains compatible with dual 29 or mixed wheels. The Relay also uses Transition’s SBG geometry and its Fazua Ride 60 system, including a lightweight but powerful battery and a 60Nm motor.

Transition will offer the bike in aluminum and carbon frames with six sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

“It strikes the perfect balance of power and weight while remaining incredibly natural and intuitive to a normal riding experience,” Transition wrote.

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