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No Sus, Full Send: Gravel Bike Shreds Downhill Course in Thrilling ‘Gravel Mania’ Edit

If you're one of the millions of fans of Austrian cyclist Fabio Wibmer, it's time to meet his up-and-coming cousin Gabriel.

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Gabriel Wibmer is quickly escaping from the shadow of his older cousin Fabio.

Sure, Fabio Wibmer has laid plenty of groundwork for innovative, one-of-a-kind edits of cycling badassery. By adding a narrative framework to his insane stunts — be it a James Bond-like chase scene on snowy slopes or channeling ‘Grand Theft Auto‘ vibes with inner-city hijinks — Fabio consistently pulls off unforgettable YouTube edits.

But young Gabriel continues to prove that cycling talent rolls down the family tree. That’s more than apparent on his latest edit, ‘Gravel Mania,’ where he takes a similar approach to his cousin, offering epic Austrian landscapes and humorous context amid his own fearless tricks.

Need a break from the ordinary? The Wibmer family is here to deliver the goods.

Runtime: 6 minutes

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