Mountain Views & Slo-Mo Stunts: A Day in Whistler With Johny Salido

World-class photography, undeniable British Columbia beauty, and some of the best slow-motion MTB shots we’ve ever seen — this coffee-break vid will make your day.

For the first half of the latest video from Transition Bikes, the obvious star is the Whistler scenery. 

Drone shots follow Johny Salido through the forested singletrack trails, with mountains looming in the distance. It feels like B-footage from “The Lord of the Rings,” if the characters rode badass mountain bikes instead of trusty steeds.

Then Salido shows off his true skills in one of Whistler’s bike parks, pulling off insane stunts captured in slow motion with perfect framing.

The only problem with this vid? It makes you want to hit the trails — right now.

Runtime: 5 minutes

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