Wild, Remote, Unforgiving: Cycling Mountains in Tajikistan

In this film from The Service Course, two cyclists ride through the Pamir mountains, along a silk trading route, and into the wild in Tajikistan. In 2020, you can do the ride too.

Cyclists Christian Meier and Peter Gaskill decided to adventure through Tajikistan. And they made a film about it. In “The Not Knowing,” you can see some of the craziest gravel riding Tajikistan has to offer.

There may not always be electricity or water, but there’s always an adventure — especially when you’re cycling on decaying gravel roads that run through small mountain towns.

In the film, the two cyclists make their way through the Wakhan Valley, over the Khargush Pass, and along the Pamir Highway. And it turns out one ride wasn’t enough.

In June 2020, The Service Course will host a Tajikistan Gravel Tour. The trip — dubbed “the not so smooth Silk Road” — is rugged, and only for those ready to tackle high elevations, a new culture, and wild adventure.

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