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Uber-Boat: Pangaea Exploration Vessel

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Two weeks ago, I was invited aboard the Pangaea sailboat for a three-day trip along the Californian coast. I wrote about the short voyage in the blog last month in my post “Voyage of the Pangaea.” Today, this article digs in to take a look specifically at the boat itself, the one-of-a-kind Pangaea.

Pangaea at dock; photo © Pangaea Expedition

Custom-built to carry out research projects, break Arctic ice, hit high speed on open water, negotiate the biggest waves in the wildest seas — and generally kick ass sailing around the planet! — the Pangaea is the sailboat and the eponymous base for Mike Horn’s Pangaea Expedition, a four-year, continent-hopping journey.

Pre-production plans for the ‘uber-boat’; photo © Pangaea Expedition

The pictures here show the Pangaea from its origin and its launch to sailing the wild seas beyond. This boat, a “four-wheel-drive vehicle of the sea,” as Mike Horn has called it, is in the running as the world’s current ultimate exploration vehicle. Take a look at the images below, and then try and tell us you’re not itching to chuck it all and sneak aboard for a few months as an adventure stowaway! —Stephen Regenold

Pangaea being built (in early 2000s); photos © Pangaea Expedition

Ceremonial christening of the Pangaea; photo © Pangaea Expedition

Pangaea at full sail; photo © Pangaea Expedition

Mike Horn at the wheel; photo © Stephen Regenold/GearJunkie.com

Crew putting up the main sail; photo © Stephen Regenold/GearJunkie.com

Logos on the sail; Mercedes Benz is a main sponsor; photo © Pangaea Expedition

On the open seas; photo © Pangaea Expedition

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