Watch These Canoers Bumble Downriver: 13 Days in Canada

From whitewater to open water, portaging to angling, watch these two outdoorsmen negotiate the first few days of 2 weeks in the woods.

Xander Budnick and fellow lumberjack Jon call the first video episode of their 2-week trip through Pukaskwa National Park “Rough Start.”

Our thoughts? “You’re damn right.”

Watch the two woodsmen paddle laden canoes through inches-deep water, get clotheslined into the drink by hanging branches, accidentally melt their gear, and generally ride the struggle bus downstream.

With 10 scheduled days to go on the trip, spirits remain buoyant considering the circumstances. “If you’re going to do this trip, make sure to travel with the right canoe partners,” Budnick advises near the end of the third day.

If you’ve ever paddled through a sufferfest, this one’s for you.

Runtime: 41 minutes

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