AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1
Aircraft-grade aluminum construction and a compact overall size make the AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 a durable adventure trailer that weighs less than 2,000 pounds; (photo/AntiShanty)

Back to Basics: AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 Adventure Trailer

The latest camper trailer from AntiShanty, the Rigid Roof RR-1, is an ultralight, off-road-capable, back-to-basics trailer that still offers a ton of features and comforts.

The new AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 is the blueprint of modern adventure camping trailers. It features aircraft-grade aluminum construction, high-end electronic and convenience components, and expansive living and storage space. The RR-1 is easy to tow, simple to use, and designed to be completely set up the moment you arrive.

Four models of the AntiShanty RR-1 adventure camping trailer are available. Ranging from the essential to the replete are the RR-1 Base, RR-1 Plus, RR-1 Pro, and RR-1 Limited. With a unique design that is utilitarian but not spartan, the new AntiShanty RR-1 adventure trailer offers purposeful planning, room for everything, and creature comforts.

AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1

A solid roof provides prime real estate for accessories such as roof racks, storage pods, or solar panels. There’s also no time wasted cranking up a top or climbing on the roof to raise a tent. AntiShanty president Rod Leishman said, “The Rigid Roof (RR-1) has many new and distinct advantages for certain users. It is ready to camp in with zero setup time the moment you park it.”

The AntiShanty RR-1 offers a fully insulated aluminum shell with a lofty 75-inch interior height.

AntiShanty Ridig Roof RR-1 - timbren axle-less suspension system
A Timbren axle-less suspension system provides the AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 adventures trailer a smooth and controlled ride quality; (photo/AntiShanty)

Underneath the AntiShanty RR-1 adventure trailer is a Timbren axle-less suspension system that delivers a smooth and steady ride quality for the trailer and all its contents.

AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 - interior
The 60×80-in. sleeping platform in the rear of the trailer can be easily adjusted to gain more interior space and a trailer-width countertop and cabinet make up the front galley of the AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 trailer; (photo/AntiShanty)

The RR-1 features large openings in the side entry doorway (72 inches high, 32 inches wide) and the rear access door (71.5 inches high, 56 inches wide). The front kitchen and cabinets are all easy-to clean-aluminum, and the countertop is full-trailer-width in size.

A single queen-size bed with a mattress measuring 60 by 80 inches (roomy, right?) is large enough to overnight two in luxury. The height of the bed is adjustable to allow the easy storage of bikes and other gear under the bed.

Full AntiShanty Trailer Lineup

AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1
The new AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 adventure trailer is easy to tow, simple to use, and designed to be set up the minute you reach your destination; (photo/AntiShanty)

Aside from the four AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 models, there are also four models of AntiShanty AS-1 (A-frame) adventure trailers. The major difference between the RR-1 line and the AS-1 line are their roof designs. The AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 features a fixed (or rigid) insulated roof. The AntiShanty AS-1 has a pop-up insulated roof that offers an A-frame top to the trailer for 9 feet of headroom.

Because of the way the AntiShanty AS-1 trailers are configured, two queen-size beds can be stacked in the trailer. It’s sort of like a giant bunk bed, so there’s plenty of room to sleep four people, but with less interior storage space than the RR-1.

Some of the things all eight of the AntiShanty adventure trailers have in common are their all-aluminum construction, Timbren suspension, seamless vinyl flooring (easy to clean), and loads of electronic and convenience options. They also weigh less than 2,000 pounds (dry weight), making almost any vehicle capable of towing them.

Feature-Packed AntiShanty Trailers

AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 - sunshade
Some of the most popular options available for the AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 adventure trailer are sunshades and exterior lighting; (photo/AntiShanty)

Depending upon the AntiShanty adventure trailer model you choose and how you want to kit it out, features can include just about anything from an external road shower and cassette toilet, quick heating furnace, fridge/freezer, solar panels, sunshades, awnings, upgraded electrical packages, and window and door screens.

AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 - exterior storage
Generous exterior storage space includes a nosecone cabinet and a side-mounted 78-inch storage box that can be used for tools, equipment, or camping gear; (photo/AntiShanty)

You can never have enough storage space in a trailer, and this can be critical when it comes to small adventure camping trailers. In addition to interior volume, the AntiShanty trailers also feature a large front exterior storage compartment and kitchen box.

AntiShanty adventure trailers are like the multitools of the adventure camping trailer world. They are four-season capable and quickly converted from tow mode to sleep mode. As Leishman said, “Hook it up to your tow vehicle and you have immediate shelter wherever you park.”

For the full specifications and options on any AntiShanty Rigid Roof RR-1 and A-Frame AS-1 adventure trailer, check out the AntiShanty website.