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GMC & EarthCruiser Team Up: Fully Electric Overland Vehicle Coming This Summer

GMC and EarthCruiser team up to bring us a fully electric overland vehicle solution. Here's what we know so far.

GMC Hummer EV truck with EarthCruiser overland truck camperGMC + EarthCruiser electric overland vehicle collaboration teaser; (photo/EarthCruiser)
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While we’re once again teased with the electric overland future with little info and a single shadowy photo, it’s probably not vaporware, as it’s a collaboration between two market leaders. GMC and EarthCruiser are working together to bring an overland camper upfit solution to the Hummer EV pickup.

Just a few months ago, EarthCruiser teased us with news of a forthcoming truck camper designed to work with the latest crop of full-size electric pickups. And also the idea that they are already working with a major auto manufacturer — or a few — to bring such a camper to market.

EarthCruiser electric truck camper
EarthCruiser electric truck overland camper teaser; (photo/EarthCruiser)

EarthCruiser CEO and founder, Lance Gillies, had this to say:

EarthCruiser designs its vehicles to thrive in the most extreme, toughest environments imaginable. From the Australian Outback to the Alaskan wilderness and everywhere in between, an EarthCruiser was made to tackle tough terrain. As we consider the future of overlanding, we are continuing to look toward key technologies like electrification that will help us explore for decades to come. Electrification presents exciting opportunities for overland use, such as precise torque control over terrain and ease of use, in addition to zero tailpipe emissions. We’re thrilled to be working with GM’s team of top-tier EV engineers and develop an overland vehicle that’s truly made for, and will define, the future of this industry.

EarthCruiser Hummer Overland Camper

We now know that GMC is the first OEM truck maker and the Hummer EV pickup is the first platform for EarthCruiser’s new EV truck camper. EarthCruiser will be adding an all-electric truck camper for the GMC Hummer EV to its already formidable overland camper lineup, which includes the EXP, FX, and Terranova.

EarthCruiser GZLMOD slide-in truck camper
EarthCruiser GZLMOD slide-in truck camper, which is likely the basis for the new GMC Hummer EV truck camper; (photo/Bryon Dorr)

Josh Tavel, GM executive chief engineer, Battery Electric Trucks, said:

GMC has long been a leader in professional-grade trucks with 100-plus years of uncompromising pickup capability, luxury, and driver control. We had an instant connection with EarthCruiser — a leader in the overland community — and their similar vision to accelerate the zero-tailpipe emissions future. EarthCruiser products have proven their performance in environments around the world, and we’re excited to join them on this next chapter of adventure and exploration.

We’re excited to see steps being taken to make comfortable overland travel in remote areas possible. With EarthCruiser’s expedition camper expertise and the capabilities of the GMC Hummer EV truck, the combo should be a formidable overland setup. It’s also a setup that will likely come with quite a hefty price tag, but cutting-edge tech and quality never come cheap.

EarthCruiser says that the full unveil of the GMC Hummer EV overlander will happen in late summer 2023.

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