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RV Life: Stay Off-Grid Longer by Creating Water From Air

2023 Living Vehicle(Photo/Living Vehicle)
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The 2023 Living Vehicle luxury trailer can make water from air. Stay off-grid longer and never go thirsty again.

This new travel trailer lets you stay off of the grid for longer than ever before. The latest from Living Vehicle overcomes a serious boondocking challenge by being the first vehicle — trailer or not — to come with a new system that lets you capture potable water right from the air.

Luxury Camper Comes With Solar, Office, Luxury

2023 Living Vehicle
(Photo/Living Vehicle)

Living Vehicle makes luxury travel trailers designed to help you live off the grid. To do that, the company adds features including a large solar panel array with up to 3.4 kW supply and 57.6 kW of storage.

It also offers the Creative Studio, a built-in office that is powered by Apple products including dual Apple Pro displays, Mac Studio or MacBook Pro, and more. All are able to fold down under the bed to conserve space.

The trailers also come loaded with appliances including a washer/dryer, a kitchen that rivals many homes, and a “spa-style” bathroom that, frankly, looks nicer than what you’ll find in most resort hotels. We took an in-depth look at last year’s model, but the 2023 change is a big one.

Watergen System Creates Drinking Water From Air

2023 Living Vehicle
(Photo/Living Vehicle)

Because no matter how advanced the office, solar panels, or the latrine, there are two things holding back independent off-grid and net-zero living. One of those is food, and the other is water. The 2023 Living Vehicle solves the latter.

This newfound ability to capture drinking water from the air is thanks to technology from Watergen. The company is a pioneer in what it calls the atmospheric drinking water devices market. Those are devices that can use the natural humidity of the air. It’s like a dehumidifier, but with a result that’s safe to drink.

The Watergen system in the Living Vehicle — a bench-assembled version shown in the photo above — uses the trailer’s excess solar power and can operate with a humidity rate as low as 20%.

It starts by filtering the air for dust and dirt before extracting the water from that air. Treatment includes filtration and a UV process to ensure it’s sterilized, pure, and safe to drink.

Living Vehicle says that the system can capture and deliver up to 5 gallons of drinking water every day. Any water not used goes into the trailer’s fresh water tank. That tank holds up to 100 gallons, letting you stay off of the grid for longer than ever before without a refill.

Founder Talks ‘Nomad Living’

2023 Living Vehicle
(Photo/Living Vehicle)

Living Vehicle’s co-founder Matthew Hofmann notes:

“The 2023 Living Vehicle breaks down barriers for nomadic homeowners. It is our most powerful trailer to date, thanks to our proprietary LVEnergy system. Being able to create our water from air is monumental and allows travelers not to be limited by the size of their water tanks while on the go.

“Conventional trailer design is fundamentally a short-term solution designed for recreation, which in the end, is why they are called recreational vehicles, or RVs. Nomadic Living Vehicle homeowners enjoy both form and function with the freedom to remain safe, healthy, and connected longer while exploring the best and most remote destinations in North America without ever having to plug into a campsite or fill up their water tanks.”

Solar System Offers L2 EV Charging

2023 Living Vehicle
(Photo/Living Vehicle)

Other impressive off-grid abilities include an electrical system robust enough to charge an electric vehicle. That’s Level 1 as standard — basically a standard household plug — but Level 2 fast charging is available. It uses power stored in that large lithium-ion battery to supply the vehicle, replenishing from the solar array.

Living Vehicle offers four-season capabilities with a conditioned basement to protect tanks, plumbing, and electronics. It also offers off-road capability, including protection from rocks and debris and an inclined tail to help improve clearance over sloping terrain.

The 2023 Living Vehicle trailers start from $339,995, offering Core, Max, and Pro trim levels. Each is custom manufactured, with a lead time of 10-12 months to build.

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