luno front cab air mattress

Front Seat Sleeper: Luno, Winnebago Unveil Front Cab Air Mattress

Need an extra bed in your van? Tired of sleeping like a contortionist in the front seat? The Luno Front Cab Air Mattress comes to the rescue.

Sometimes, an entire camper van isn’t enough. Maybe you splashed wet gear all over the place as you packed up pell-mell in the rain. Maybe you have a few extra guests. Maybe it’s trash day.

Whatever excuse you have for not sleeping in the part of your van that’s specifically built for it, Luno’s Front Cab Air Mattress can justify it. Winnebago helped design the clever air bed, which fits in Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge ProMaster, and Winnebago Trovato and Solis vans. The packable pad inflates in minutes to convert your front seat from a pretzel maker into a bonafide bed.

luno front cab air mattress

Imagine if your entire guest room could pack down into a bag? Well, Luno and Winnebago made that happen.

The mattress is available on preorder now, with delivery slated for the end of September.

Luno Front Cab Air Mattress Purpose and Details

luno front cab air mattress

The Front Cab Air Mattress’s genius is in its wide utility. Not only can you use it in a pinch, but you can also blow it up for kids, pets, or visitors. (They can take the front seat. It’s your bougie van. Right?)

If you’ve ever tried to sleep in the front seat of a vehicle (show of hands), you’re acutely aware of the fact that it’s not flat. That’s why the Front Cab Air Mattress isn’t just a raft of air. In the same system used by the company’s existing Luno Life pads, purpose-built units that Luno calls “base extenders” fill your cab’s footwells to facilitate a flat, stable surface.

And the 300-denier Oxford fabric resists grit and abrasion from pet paws, dirt, wood chips, pine needles, etc. We don’t know what sticky candy/pizza fingers will do to it, but any help with that phenomenon is certainly a bonus.

luno front cab air mattress

When you’re done, deflate it with the included pump and pack it away — in its stuff sack, it’s about the size of a sleeping bag.

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Front Cab Air Mattress: Preorder

The Front Cab Air Mattress might well be worth it for big, happy camper van sleepovers or the random situation where you must try to sleep in your front seat. Never wake up the next morning feeling like you got trampled by a horse again, all for $400.

Preorder at Luno Life

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