Considering Van Life? ‘On the Road’ Series Tracks Folks Who’ve Made the Jump

Weeks on the road, miles upon miles, stories after stories — all centered on van life, community, and meaningful conversation.

Hundreds of people have chosen to live the “van life” for a variety of reasons. And if you are one of those people thinking about it too, you’ll have to check out Moon Fabrication’s thoughtful and detailed docu-series on the lifestyle.

The series is slated to be a multi-episode, three-volume documentary. Here’s a brief look at the series so far.

“There’s something really deep in us,” Paul says. “It’s settling into who you really are.” Follow along as Moon Fabrication interviews and observes van adventurer Paul on why he chose this life. 

When the world changed in 2020, physical trainer Eric found himself out of a job. As he already spent much of his time traveling and camping, he began researching what it would take to build out a vehicle that would give him that full-time freedom. See how Eric researched, planned, and carefully built out his van.

Kathi’s first big trip in her van was in the summer of 2018, when she was a campground host at Santa Fe National Park. She and her husband, Carl, had sold their house and moved the year before that trip, after Carl was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Ride along with the crew as they talk to Kathi about her experiences that ultimately attracted her to a life on the road.

The episodes in the documentary series run 2-6 minutes long. So far, three episodes have premiered. Read more on each person’s story.

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