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Toro Bravo 4×4 Silver Spear: Overland Camper, Work Truck, and Toy Hauler

Toro Bravo 4x4 is launching the Silver Spear. Built on a heavy-duty truck chassis, it's a modular camper designed for both work and play.

Toro Bravo 4x4 Silver Spear(Photo/Toro Bravo 4x4)
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Toro Bravo 4×4 is a new RV company founded by a former Dallas Cowboys linebacker. The company is launching a new combination work truck, camper, and toy hauler. It’s built on a heavy-duty truck chassis to help it venture places other rigs wouldn’t dare to go.

The mission of Toro Bravo 4×4 is to design an approachable and affordable multipurpose overlander vehicle that can serve a myriad of functions. With the introduction of our first model, the Silver Spear, owners have the unique ability to swap out their work tools in minutes for their favorite outdoor weekend toys and hit the road. Where the road ends for most RVs is where the road begins for Silver Spear. This 4×4 RV is designed to go deeper and further into our beautiful nation’s wonders and, hopefully, out of cell service.

Jeff Rohrer, Toro Bravo founder and former Dallas Cowboy

Toro Bravo 4×4: Chassis Cab Starting Point

Toro Bravo 4x4 Silver Spear camper
(Photo/Toro Bravo 4×4)

Toro Bravo 4×4 starts with a seriously rugged crew cab truck chassis. The Ford F-550, Chevrolet 5500, and Ram 5500 work trucks can all be used as the base for the Silver Spear.

Using chassis cab trucks that would normally be fitted with heavy and rugged flat decks or service beds gives the company a super-tough base to start from. These trucks are tougher than standard pickups and the van cutaway chassis is often used in RVs. The truck chassis also gives buyers a factory 4×4 system that is up to the job of heavy loads and serious exploration.

PROTOTYP3, a group of designers and ArtCenter College of Design alums, handled the CoCure Metal Hybrid Composites box design of the Silver Spear. The big shape was designed to maximize space. It’s also modular, thanks to 3D-printed interior components. All to allow buyers access to cost-effective add-ons to tailor the truck to their needs.

Silver Spear: Work Truck by Day

Toro Bravo 4x4 Silver Spear rear ramp
(Photo/Toro Bravo 4×4)

A cantilever rear ramp and liftgate configuration makes this a work truck by day. You can use the ramp to load and unload heavy equipment or tools. Interior racks hold power tools and other equipment and can be added to the sides of the Silver Spear box.

Toro Bravo 4x4 Silver Spear
(Photo/Toro Bravo 4×4)

On the weekend, that same ramp is ready to load up your quad, UTV, motorcycle, or snowmobile. Or any other toys that you want to take with you on your next adventure.

Silver Spear: Camper by Night

Toro Bravo 4x4
(Photo/Toro Bravo 4×4)

Look in the box and you’ll find a queen-size bed as well as two fold-down bunk beds. Take the beds out or fold them up for workdays or if you don’t need them.

The Silver Spear has recessed lighting and 3D-printed custom cabinets. The truck also has plenty of over-cab storage, a pass-through gear tunnel, and five solar panels.

There’s a wet bath and a built-in kitchen sink, as well as 60 gallons of fresh water and a 30-gallon gray water tank. A composting toilet means you don’t have a black water tank to worry about.

Toro Bravo 4x4 Silver Spear RV
(Photo/Toro Bravo 4×4)

The Silver Spear has a propane water heater and the modular galley holds a two-burner stove as well as a 25-gallon dual-zone powered cooler. The galley can also be rolled outside for outdoor cooking or it can be removed completely. Take out the galley and you can hold more work stuff during the week. The loading ramp will also fold to 90 degrees, letting you use it like a table and/or deck at your campsite.

Toro Bravo 4×4 Silver Spear: Ready to Go Almost Anywhere

Toro Bravo 4x4 RV with trailer
(Photo/Toro Bravo 4×4)

Toro Bravo 4×4 says the Silver Spear is designed for hardcore exploration. Part of that includes 40-inch tires that are rated for highway speeds as well as the factory 4×4 system. The big truck chassis will be able to tow boats, UTVs, horses, camper trailers, and other big trailers, though those trailers might not be as trail-ready as the truck.

Toro Bravo 4x4
(Photo/Toro Bravo 4×4)

Toro Bravo 4×4 is taking preorders now with a $100 deposit. The starting price for the Silver Spear is in the “mid-to-low $200,000s.” It expects the first production vehicles to be in buyer’s hands by the end of this year.

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