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VanDOit ‘Moov’ Builds on Adventure-Ready Ford Transit Trail

As soon as VanDOit sighted last November’s adventure-focused Ford Transit Trail, the company knew it had a new build on its hands.

rear view of a vandoit camper vanThe VanDOit Moov, a Ford Transit Trail upfit; (photo/VanDOit)
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VanDOit’s one-stop-shop model for custom campervans started with two base models that carried purpose-driven one-word names: the LIV and the DO.

What’s next? Fittingly, the Moov. The Missouri-based company announced the new arrival on February 21. It comes on the heels of the Ford Transit Trail, which rolled out last November as an upfitter-ready rig.

VanDOit Moov Basics

2023 Ford Transit Trail
The 2023 Ford Transit Trail; (photo/Ford)

The Transit Trail showcases a list of key revisions from Ford that figure to help it get to hard-to-reach locations. 30.5-inch all-terrain Goodyear tires check in at 2.5 inches bigger than other Transit rubber. There’s a stock roof vent with a fan, so buyers won’t have to cut into the roof on their own. And you can choose between a standard 24-gallon gas tank or a 31-gallon extended-range tank.

It all translates to a platform VanDOit can and will utilize to the advantage of customers looking for upfits across the board. Among other attributes, the Transit Trail marks the first time VanDOit transforms a cargo van (rather than a passenger van), which amounts to a blank slate to work from.

“There is so much to be excited about. For example, Ford states that the Transit Trail includes a 3.5-inch overall ride height increase. We have always wanted to offer a Transit factory lift, and the Transit Trail allows this to be a reality,” VanDOit CEO Jared McCauslin said. “Also, VanDOit was looking for the right opportunity to build on a cargo van. These are just two of the many exciting benefits found with the Trail as our foundation.”

VanDOit prides itself on its ability to adapt to customer needs. With three platforms now available, buyers get more agency in creating their ideal adventure rig with help from the company. VanDOit says it takes care of the “hard, scary, time-consuming stuff for you” with its assembly line process and deep legacy of build experience.

From there, “[y]our desire to shuffle things around and get that true ‘do-it-yourself’ accomplishment will be met easily. Your van is custom to you,” the company said.

vandoit moov interior

Each VanDOit consists of a T-track skeleton that accepts the company’s various “modules,” which can be mixed and matched freely. The kitchen pod, for instance, contains a pop-up leaf that can work as a cutting board, table, desk space, or fold out of the way for maximum walking/seating room.

VanDOit Moov Interior Details

vandoit moov kitchen

VanDOit didn’t spill the beans on everything the Moov will offer right away, but it did offer a few details on what it will look like.

For the Transit Trail-based model, VanDOit prioritized overhead storage, which can run the length of the chassis. It also utilizes pull-out drawers under the bed for quick access from the back doors.

vandoit moov under bed space

For lights and electronics, Navico Group supplies the Fathom, an integrated lithium-ion auxiliary power management system. All-wheel drive and a 2.75-inch wider track help the ride.

VanDOit didn’t immediately share pricing details on the Moov. The LIV and DO both clock in between $100-$200K.

GearJunkie Experience With VanDOit

Our climbing and cycling editor has been in a VanDOit for five years. He’s logged immense time on both the Do and Liv platforms and can attest to the flexibility of the T-track and modularity of the VanDOit builds. “I have had the VanDOits in ‘living mode,’ with the kitchen pod, toilet, large powered cooler, and drawers in full-time use. But I’ve also taken most of those out to use as a dirt bike day hauler or to make a Home Depot run. And I’ve put up to two more rows of seats in to haul buddies around.”

And recently, and unfortunately, he can add safety testing to his experience. He crashed his VanDOit Liv in a head-on collision returning from a rock climbing trip. VanDOit uses factory seats and factory seat and seat belt restraints in the living quarters. This differs from other van upfitters. Despite his van being nearly totaled, the climber in the rear jump seat emerged without a scratch. And the front passengers suffered minor skin wounds from the airbags. “I will never use a van that uses custom seating in the back after seeing and experiencing what I did. No way,” he said.

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