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Meet Vistabule: The Small Camper With Huge Windows

vistabule galley windows walls cover
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From gazing at the stars to glancing in your rearview mirror, Vistabule’s window designs provide wide open views.

vistabule teardrop trailer review

The market for teardrop trailers is strong. Minnesota-based Vistabule carves its niche within the industry between premium amenities and affordability.

The brand’s trademark front-facing picture windows, “semi-automatic” sofa bed, and innovative space-saving devices led to success over the last six years.

vistabule teardrop trailer review

Vistabule Teardrop Trailers

The primary call-out on these trailers are its windows. Large windows at the front and rear offer sky views, and give a straight line of sight when driving. These accompany door windows and small portholes along the sides.

vistabule teardrop trailer review

When cooking, the rear galley hatch extends to provide shelter from the elements.

Every trailer accommodates a queen-size mattress (included), which doubles as a fold-up sofa. Going from couch to bed mode is accomplished with the pull of a handle.

The combination of Vistabule’s shape and two large top windows mean, unlike many teardrops, you can sleep facing either direction.

vistabule camper trailer teardrop headboard storage


To save space and still provide storage and amenities, Vistabules have a closet-like headboard. Shelves line the front wall, with translucent doors up top, and solid wood below to prevent jostling during transport.

Table space is also at a premium, and Vistabule solves this with a collapsible center coffee table, usable with sofa mode. But when it’s time for bed, the side doors have a drop-down nightstand table, so there’s always a surface available.

vistabule teardrop trailer review

Vistabule Specs

The base price for these trailers is $18,000. That includes lights, screened windows, galley, tables, and sofa-bed.

But there are a number of options to add to the comfort, convenience, and sticker price — up to about $27,000. Propane furnace, a/c, kitchenette with sink, faucet, and sprayer, 2″ off-road suspension lift, refrigerator-freezer, two-burner stove, and “mood lighting” are just some of the add-ons.

subaru vistabule teardrop trailer review

Fully loaded, a Vistabule weighs 1,500 lbs., so the brand claims it can be towed behind “all but the smallest cars.”

For more information and views from Vistabule, check out its website.

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