Watch a Camping Expert Show How to Maximize Airflow in a DIY Shelter

Learn how to create a ventilated shelter for impromptu summer camping the same way our ancestors did — by watching YouTube.

Remember the days of mentorship and family? When we learned important life lessons the good ol’ fashioned way?

That’s the tone in this YouTube clip, where the Coalcracker Bushcraft folks teach us how to build one of the most rudimentary, yet versatile, backcountry shelters: the lean-to.

The clip provides a neat little recipe for cooler camping during hot months. It also transmits handy tips and tricks like how to use center loft and Prusik loops to help you stake the shelter out just right.

If techy lean-to talk sounds like a good coffee break conversation, here’s a new icebreaker for you.

Runtime: 5 minutes

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