Cauldryn Fyre V2

Brew, Blend, Shine: Multitool Mug Does It All

Tell this mug to brew coffee — or blend a margarita — at a precise temperature. It will, then it’ll zap bugs at your campsite. The Cauldryn Fyre V2 totally reimagines the travel bottle.

Cauldryn Fyre V2

Most campers have been happy with a camp mug that won’t burn your hand and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. But the folks at Cauldryn think an insulated travel vessel can be so much more.

Following last summer’s release of a mug that boiled water, Cauldryn significantly ups the ante with the Fyre V2. Launching in July, the V2 will heat beverages between 78 degrees Fahrenheit and boiling depending on preference. And it will brew coffee, blend iced drinks, illuminate the campsite, and kill pesky bugs.

And if that’s not enough, it will do all of that when you verbally ask it to.

Cauldryn Fyre V2

Cauldryn Fyre V2 Multitool Camp Mug

At its core, the Cualdryn works like an electric kettle. It has a heating element that works when connected to a rechargeable base. The V2 works on the same premise. But unlike last year’s model, which had four temperature zones to choose from (Hot, Extra Hot, Brew, and Boil), the V2 allows users to select the exact temperature they want, down to the degree.

Cauldryn also adds Bluetooth connectivity so users can control the mug remotely — even through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-equipped devices.

Cauldryn Fyre V2

In addition to the “smart mug,” the brand will also launch handy add-ons, including a drop-in coffee percolator and blender base, with blend/crush for iced beverages and pulse for grinding coffee beans.

Plus, Cauldryn has a lantern add-on that illuminates the campsite and sports an integrated, detachable bug-zapper. And for good measure, the brand will also unveil a four-speaker base attachment to amplify music from Bluetooth-connected devices.

The Cauldryn base also has two USB ports to recharge devices and holds enough juice to keep bevies warm up to 18 hours.

The Fyre V2 will be available in July for $150, but there’s no word on pricing for the add-ons just yet. It’s a lot to spend on a mug. But if it can keep bugs away, make a decent cup of joe, and add margaritas to the camp menu, the Cauldryn Fyre V2 could be a fun addition to your getaway kit.

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