solo fire pit cooking system

Solo Stove Cast Iron Accessory Retrofits Your Firepit Into Grilling Machine

Turn your smokeless fire pit into a wood-fired grill.

If you shelled out for one of Solo’s sleek, easy-lighting stainless steel firepits, but were disappointed you couldn’t cook on it, you can now complete your setup with Solo’s Fire Pit Cooking System.

The modular cast iron grill system sits on top of Solo Stove Fire Pits so you can sear, char, and flavor your food with the delicious taste of wood-fired outdoor cooking without burning your wings and dogs to a blackened crisp.

Solo Stove Cooking System

The system has two parts: a cast iron grill and a hub. The custom-molded grill has a nonstick preseasoned surface, with wide grates to let the wood smoke get into every nook and cranny of your chicken breast.

The grill docks into the Hub, which locks into the Fire Pit, and lifts the grill 6-8 inches above the Fire Pit surface, the ideal height for cooking.

solo’s fire pit cooking system

“It’s been difficult to gather with friends and family over the past year,” Solo Stove CEO John Merris said. “Our hope is to bring people back together to seamlessly experience a good meal and a wood-burning fire.”

solo’s fire pit cooking system

This isn’t the first time Solo Stove acknowledged customers who craved a cooking-friendly fire pit. Last summer, the brand launched a purpose-built grill. The Grill Ultimate Bundle included a charcoal-burning fire pit with grate, 13-inch stand, and grilling tools for about $500 (and up).

But with the Cook System, Solo Stove allows users to have a grill only when they want it, and a smokeless fire pit the rest of the time. The Grill Accessory Bundle comes in three sizes to accommodate the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon sizes. Prices range from $130 up to $230 for preorder, with full MSRP listed at $215-400.

Get the Grill Now

solo’s fire pit cooking system

Buy the grill as an accessory for the Fire Pit you already own, or as part of a bundle that includes a Fire Pit. There’s a grill for every size Solo Fire Pit. Solo Stove says the new grill ships in early August.

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