Multi-Tool ‘Utility’ Biner

For those who consider a multi-tool an essential part of their everyday carry, listen up. Designer and CNC machinist Mike Bond of Ti2 Designs is showcasing his latest EDC on Kickstarter, the Ti2 Whar-Biner.


It’s not a knife — it’s more aptly described as a “utility clip” with a wide-gate carabiner build, bottle opener, and a tool edge for prying, driving screws, or cutting down boxes.

The Whar-Biner is machined out of titanium, bronze or zirconium and then finished in a 24 hour tumbler to give it a handsome patina.


If you prefer to secure your personal items to your belt with a biner, this looks like a rugged upgrade.

The project is funded, and it’s available for $98 on Kickstarter now.