Fix a Zipper, Make a ‘Beer Can’ hat. Follow these Tips.

Tip #4: Remedy a Slippery Sleeping Pad — Sometimes the nylon shell of your sleeping bag and the nylon shell of your pad are like butter on a pancake griddle. If you’ve ever had that unsettling feeling of constantly slipping off your pad at night when camped on a slope or less than flat tent sites, try this simple trick to add a little friction to your pad.

Cover key contact points only (head, shoulders, and hips) with dots

Add small dots of Seam Grip, or you can use silicone caulking from a home-improvement store. Once dried, the adhesive acts kind of like a boot sole, giving your pad some traction when it meets the slick nylon of your sleeping bag shell.

There’s no need to cover the entire pad with dots — just focus on the key points of contact: the head, shoulders and hips. If your pad tends to slip around on your tent floor, you can also apply some dots to the pad’s underside.

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