Hammocks For The Holidays (gift guide)

Hammocks for camping, outdoors and lounging are incredibly popular, and for good reason — few things are as relaxing and universally loved as hammocks. We put together a list of spectacular hammock-oriented gear.

Clark Jungle Hammock Camo Vertex (pictured above; $680) — One of the ultimate camping hammocks on the market (and priciest) this two-person, waterproof model is a hanging palace. At 6 lbs 4 oz, it has two beds with independent stability to make it a realistic sleeping option for two. Buy Now/More Info

Amok Drumar — I’ve just begun testing this new-to-market hammock, but my first impressions are great. The Drumar allows the user to sleep flat or sit upright with simple adjustments. It comes with a bug screen, tarp, straps and tent stakes as a complete camping package. Buy Now/More Info

Tentsile Stingray ($750) — Like a portable treehouse, this tent suspends from trees to become a unique above-the-ground basecamp for 3 people, away from crawling insects, snakes and bothersome animals. Rainfly included. Buy Now/More Info

Warbonnet Black Bird Hammock ($175) — A popular camping hammock, this one comes with a built-in bug net. The simple but functional design can be used with a tarp or without — open to the stars on clear nights. Buy Now/More Info

Tentsile Connect ($599) — A 2-person “tree tent” that can be used on its own or attached to other Connect tents to create suspended super-camps! Connect with each other and nature. Buy Now/More Info

The Ultimate Hang ($13) — An illustrated guide to hammock camping, this book is packed with tips on how to set up and use a hammock to stay dry, warm, and bug-free in a Leave No Trace way. Buy Now/More Info

ENO Double Nest Hammock ($70) — Light at just 20 ounces, packable and durable, this simple hammock is big enough for two and sets up in seconds. With a 400-pound capacity, it’s a hammock for anyone who wants a portable spot to lounge. Buy Now/More Info

ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System ($30) This simple strap system can support 400 lbs. and makes setup simple. It also uses thick straps that won’t damage trees and weighs in at just 11 ounces. Buy Now/More Info

Trek Light Compact Hammock ($60) — Minimalist and basic, this is the hammock for those counting grams in their backpack. There are no frills in the 14oz design, but you’ll never notice it’s in your pack. Buy Now/More Info

ENO Hotspot Sleeping Pad Wings ($30) — Keep your sleeping pad in place in a hammock. No more slipping off with these pad wings, a key to winter warmth. Buy Now/More Info

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip Hammock ($170) — A comfortable, asymmetric hammock, the Hennessy has a side entry, double-slider zipper and large, protective rainfly that makes it perfect for those who like to travel light and sleep swinging gently just off the ground. Buy Now/More Info

Sean McCoy

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