Celebrate Hammocks: ‘Swayday’ Coming To Minneapolis

We loved hammock-ing even before it became a hashtag and can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Hammock Day than swaying in the breeze.

Hammock 4

July 22nd is National Hammock Day, and Minneapolis hammock lovers will have the chance to celebrate with a “sway day.”

The Hammock Initiative have spread the idea of relaxing in hammocks across the world in recent years, even electing local “Hammbassadors” to grow a network of hammock users.

Hammock-ers Unite

It also hosted the “world’s largest hammock gathering” in Fargo, North Dakota, this spring. Now it is bringing the event to Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis Sway Day will be held at Lake Nokomis, where Minnehaha creek meets into the lake. If you’re in the area and looking to hang with others, stop on by from 4-7 PM on the July 22nd.

Weather you’re in Minneapolis or not, be sure to string your hammock up next week and take a moment to relax.

Who: You! The Hammocker

What: National Hammock Day “Swayday”

Where: Minneapolis; Lake Nokomis (near Minnehaha Creek)

When: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


Eric Lemke

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