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Portable Stove: If Campfire Just Isn’t Enough

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Campers take note: Next time you’re afield and a campfire just won’t do the trick, this portable outdoor stove can tremendously up your glamping ante.

Kidding aside, the makers of the Fa?ltovn portable camp stove take their product seriously.

“If it is hard for you to understand that a fire is hot and green wood does not burn, you might need more tutoring. Or maybe the Fa?ltovn is just not the right product for you. The Fa?ltovn is only for outdoor use,” reports the company in its user’s manual.

Ok, I think I like these guys.

The Fa?ltovn by Dutch company Leenders definitely does have some practical applications as a heater in canvas, army style tents popular with hunters and large group camps. It would certainly make a nice addition to a backyard gathering area, farmstead or campsite and has the added bonus of being a functional cooking surface.

At 22 pounds, don’t plan on loading it in your backpack unless your name is Paul Bunyan.

Used with a 45º elbow chimney adapter or an isolation pipe that goes through a hole in your tent, I’m guessing this little stove would heat a fairly large tent in no time.

For outdoor use, the company says the stove has the advantage over campfires of controlling the fire with oxygen regulation as well as reducing the chance of starting a wildfire.

Stoves are generally much more efficient than open fires or even fireplaces in houses, so it makes sense that they would also be efficient outdoors. Once a fire is burning strongly, an internal heat shield can be placed to guide energy to the top layer of the stove for cooking or boiling water. The metal mass will also heat up, reducing heat lost directly into the sky.

The Fältovn is not cheap, ringing in at $712 plus delivery. However, the company claims durability and replaceable parts make this a long-lasting stove that could heat your back yard party or hunting tent for years.

For portability, the feet of the Fältovn fold flat and the pipes are detachable, fitting inside the stove for transportation.

So if an open fire just won’t cut it — be it in a tent, backyard or the great outdoors, the Fältovn just might be up your alley. Just remember, fire’s hot and green wood doesn’t burn!

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