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Prototypes – ‘Hanging’ Tent, Rolled-Foam Hammock

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Jan Kochanski is a product designer based in Warsaw, Poland, and he comes up with some bold, wild concepts for gear.

Hanging Tent 2

“What fascinates me the most is the process of inventing and producing new things,” he explains. “My ambition is to create objects of high functional and aesthetic value, products that serve the user well.”

We haven’t been able to find any of his products available for sale, but the designs are quite unique. Take this tent for example. He calls it Branch.

hanging tent 1

It looks like a modified port-a-ledge to us, and it would make for a fun hanging abode in the forest.

Hanging Tent photo

As Kochanski explains it: The Branch is easy to put up and doesn’t take a lot of space in your backpack. The user doesn’t have to take any mattress because the suspension protects from moisture and cold. Putting up the tent takes a few seconds. All you need to do is to pick a tree and put the rubber band around the trunk at such a height you want to spend the night on.

hanging tent schematics

Kochanski continues, The band tied at 225 cm from the ground (average range of hands) gives 50 cm from the bottom of the tent to the ground. After the band is tied up on the tree, the base of the tent has to be prepared for suspension. All the construction parts are sewn in the material, so it’s easier to put the tent up. Once the bed is prepared, the tent has to be suspended on the band.

Another wild design is this hammock/mat (below) made of foam and synthetic fabric.

Cocoon Hammock

Because of the slit-foam construction, the hammock design can be used both hanging or straight on the ground as a foam pad.

Cocoon Hammock 2
Foam hammock prototype
Cocoon Hammock 3
Would you sleep here? See more wild designs at Jan Kochanski’s site


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