Why Enlightened Equipment Quilts Are All the Rage

Go to a thru-hike campsite, and chances are you’ll see an Enlightened Equipment quilt. This is why long distance hikers love the lightweight sleeping quilt.

An Enlightened Equipment quilt proves a versatile sleeping option; photos by Amanda Kievet

I’ve used the Revelation 40- and 20-degree quilts for the past three years on sections of the Appalachian Trail, Colorado Trail, and Arizona Trail. I’ve also slept in them many nights in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

So I know why they are so popular.

In short: Enlightened Equipment quilts (such as the Revelation, and Enigma) are superlight, warm, and versatile sleeping options for those aiming for fast-and-light.

Enlightened Equipment Quilt Review

In the hiking world, the words “ounce, pound, and baseweight” have become more common. Hikers are honing their kits and seeking lighter options. Typical sleeping bag setups wrap us like a burrito with insulation on top and sides, with a sleeping pad below.

But the bottom insulation on a sleeping bag is essentially wasted material because the user compresses it. Thus, to maintain comfort and function while cutting weight, the quilt was born.

The Enlightened Equipment 20-degree Revelation Quilt with 850 Down Tek treated down weighs just 1 pound 4 ounces. That saves a pound or more compared to many popular 20-degree mummy bags.

Enlightened Equipment Quilt: Versatility

With a 20-inch zipper and drawstring to open or close the foot box as needed, the Revelation can be used as a blanket on warmer nights. When temperatures dip, the quilt can tighten around the user’s body. Cinch the elastic straps down around you for added warmth.

These options provide versatility for use from warm summer nights to chilly fall evenings.

Customizable Camping Quilts

From 20 color combinations to down fill, size, and material, Enlightened Equipment offers myriad ways to customize your quilt. The Revelation comes with the option of either 850 or 950 Down Tek treated down. The treatment resists moisture and helps down dry out quicker if it does get wet.

It comes in temp ratings from 0 to 50 degrees degrees Fahrenheit. The size options run extra-short to extra-long lengths, and slim, regular, wide, and extra-wide. Nylon options range from 7D, 10D (most popular), and 20D. The 20D option is popular for increased durability and water resistance (while sacrificing a weight gain of course).

I chose the 10D fabric for both the inside and outside of my 20- and 40-degree bags. I had the option of 20D weather-resistant fabric strips added to both the top opening and foot box. This heavier fabric strip cuts down on moisture retention from breathing and toes touching the sides of my single-wall tent.

Made in the USA

All Enilghtened Equipment products are handmade in Winona, Minnesota. Turnaround time on custom products can vary, typically from four to six weeks. Luckily for those in a pinch, the brand offers on-the-shelf sections on its website. It has a larger selection in its warehouse, updated every Monday at 1:00 p.m. (central).

Enlightened Equipment Quilt Price

The average 20-degree Revelation quilt comes in at $285. It comes with two elastic straps, a silnylon stuff sack, and a 100 percent organic cotton storage sack. Prices vary depending on fill, temperature rating, and fabric options.

Often times buying ultralight gear means swallowing an ultra-huge hit to the wallet. Given the comfort, weight, packability, durability, and ability to customize, the price tag on the Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt is remarkably affordable.

Overall, I highly recommend checking out the Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt if you are in the market for a lightweight 3-season backpacking quilt. It is incredibly versatile, from blanket to a fully-wrapped (hoodless) mummy bag. It has been my go-to choice for the last three years and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.