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Mega-Plush: ‘LaidBack Pad’ Is Car Camper’s Dream

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Car campers take note: You can expect great sleep on the LaidBack Pad. It’s big, bulky, and expensive. But dang this ultra-plush memory foam pad will make your night a dream.

laidback pad review

I gutted the interior of my 2004 Honda Oddysey this winter. Yearning for adventure, I created my own version of the “van life.” But what to use for a bed?

I tried twin beds, backcountry sleeping bags, and the barren floor. But finally, I think I’ve found my answer. Enter the LaidBack Pad.

LaidBack Memory Foam Sleeping Pad

The LaidBack Pad is a thick sleeping pad made with a combination of soft Polar Fleece top, memory foam inside, and a removable 600-denier polyester exterior for durability.

The downsides are it rolls up with buckles to a gargantuan 13 x 12 x 24 inches and weighs 8.5 lbs. Unfurled, it measures 72 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 2 3/8 inches thick. It costs $209 on Amazon.

While not just for van dwellers, the pad caters to car campers. It’s a good choice for those who want to spend the night in a tent but have a hard time sleeping on the ground.

most comfy sleeping pad laid back pad review
Two buckles keep the pad together

Review: LaidBack Pad

It should be known I have spent a lot of time sleeping in tents. Anywhere from high-tech Big Agnes sleeping pads to the barren floor works for me. I fall asleep easy and rarely get up in the night.

laidback pad review

With that said, on the LaidBack Pad, I slept wondrously. Every time I used it, I was the first to fall asleep and last to wake up. I didn’t wake up with knots or pains, only happiness and eye crust.

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The only downside to the pad is the guaranteed envy and hate from your fellow campers. That and its bulk.

The Bottom Line: LaidBack Pad

The difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless, poor night’s sleep can make or break a trip. Those who are serious about sleep (as I am), look no further.

Put plainly, this sleeping pad is huge and expensive. Rolled up, it’s bigger than most packaged tents and costs as much. However, if you value sleep and don’t worry about budget, the LaidBack Pad is your answer.

The quality of sleep and sheer comfort from this luxurious camping pad may be worth every penny.

most comfy sleeping pad laid back pad review
Three inches of plush memory foam

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