‘Nozipp’ Sleeping Bag Closes With Magnets

The last couple years have seen a major renaissance in sleeping bag design. Zippers have been ditched, and closures have changed across the board.

Nozip sleeping bag

A new entry in the world of re-imagined sleeping bags is the Nozipp. This sleeping bag uses strong rare earth magnets as the closure device, allowing sleepers to open the bag easily and silently to adjust temperature or get out without making a ruckus.

Nozipp claims a remarkable temperature comfort range with these bags because it can be configured in three different “modes.” As a mummy, the brand claims comfort down to 15 degrees. By shifting the down outwards into “roomy” mode, the brand states the bag is good to around 50 degrees. With the bag open, it should be good to around 65 degrees.

sleep modes

I’m a little skeptical of a full 50-degree comfort spectrum for any sleeping bag, but do see that the ability to adjust the location of insulation as a plus, especially on balmy summer nights.

Beyond the magnetic fasteners and adjustability, the Nozipp is a pretty standard high-end sleeping bag. It has 850-fill hydrophobic down which is excellent, and expensive. The outer shell fabric is a 40D, 1.6-ounce ripstop nylon and inside is a 20D, 1.0-ounce ripstop nylon fabric. It weighs 2lbs. 6oz. for a 6-foot regular bag, and packs down to 7″x14″. These specs measure up to other sleeping bags at a similar price-point.

The Nozipp is raising funds for production on Kickstarter now. At about $400, it sets realistic pricing for a high-end bag, but also competes with other reputable brands like Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed. But if you’d like to invest in a startup with a unique concept, Nozipp is as new as it gets.

Learn more on Kickstarter or Nozipp.com.

Sean McCoy

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